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The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) is a non-profit organization providing sexual and reproductive health services, education, training and resources, advocacy and communications. It also offers research and studies to the community of Hong Kong.


FPAHK plays a major role in providing Hong Kong people with primary sexual and reproductive health care. As it receives around one-third of its funding from the Hong Kong Government’s Department of Health, and has established referral and shared care channels with the Hospital Authority, service fees are affordable in comparison with private alternatives. The Association offers services to everyone at various stages of their life cycle, irrespective of their age, marital status, race, religion and economic status.


The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong employs a number of in-house doctors as well as honorary medical consultants. Most of them are private clinicians who contribute their expertise in various specialties including: sub-fertility management, cervical diseases, and the surgical procedures of vasectomy and circumcision.


In collaboration with The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong, Healthy Matters brings you a complete guide to FPAHK services.


The Family Planning Association Hong Kong's role in society and its story

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong was founded in 1950 and has served Hong Kong for over 70 years. Its original mission during the post-war period was to provide birth control and limit the number of children born to families in Hong Kong. By the 1970s they had begun to diversify their scope.


The FPAHK’s vision is to play a leading role in promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights by providing related information, education, and services for individuals, families and the community.


The Pillars of FPAHK:

  1. Clinical: Providing women, men, and youth with sexual and reproductive health services such as counseling, screening and testing, treatment and follow up.
  2. Education: Providing sexual and reproductive health education to schools, the public, individuals and families.
  3. Community: Offering various ways and activities to get involved through the Women’s Clubs and youth volunteer teams, and partnership with other organizations.

Who is eligible for FPAHK's clinical services?

FPAHK has a policy of non-discrimination, everyone at any age is eligible for medical service through the Association.


NOTE: A restriction was implemented in 2018 for the HPV vaccination, only Hong Kong residents are eligible to be vaccinated at FPAHK due to limited resources and high demand.

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FPAHK Clinics with locations

The FPAHK headquarters is located in Wan Chai.


Address: 10/F, Southorn Centre, 130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (MTR Wan Chai Station Exit B1)


For other locations on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories, please refer here.

Birth control services: birth control pills, emergency contraception & more

FPAHK Birth Control Clinics provide a comprehensive range of contraceptives including oral pills, injectable contraceptives, intra-uterine contraceptive devices (IUCD), male and female condoms, vaginal contraceptive film and spermicides, and emergency contraception. Moreover it performs vasectomy as day surgery procedure. To get more information on services and fees, please refer here.

Termination of pregnancy services 

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong performs termination of pregnancy, in accordance with Hong Kong Law, for pregnancy up to 10 weeks’ gestation on the day of abortion.


FPAHK also offers medical and counseling services before and after the abortion. All FPAHK clinics provide consultation and applicants should prepare to visit them at least twice before termination of pregnancy can be performed. Counseling service for unmarried young women below the age of 26 is provided by the Association’s Youth Health Care Centres.


FPAHK Clinic Services Hotline: 2572 2222. Get more information on services and fees here.

Women's health services in Hong Kong

FPAHK Women’s Health Services aim for early detection of common female cancers such as cervical cancer and breast cancer. Services include clinical examinations, laboratory investigations and pap smears, to name a few.

  • The Cervical Disease Clinic offers colposcopy examinations for clients whose screening Pap smear shows abnormal cells.
  • The Menopause Service offers clinical advice to women who are menopausal or peri-menopausal, aiming to alleviate symptoms and prevent diseases associated with menopause. Hormone replacement therapy and bone density measurement are available when indicated.

To get more information on Women’s Health Services and fees, please refer here.

Men's health services

FPAHK Men's Health Service provides health screening and laboratory tests for men. The service aims to detect and treat common male sexual and reproductive health diseases at an early stage. These include erectile dysfunction (commonly known as impotence), premature ejaculation, benign prostate hypertrophy, and suspected sexually transmissible diseases. Screening for colorectal cancer through fecal occult blood test is also offered.


To get more information on Men’s Health Services and fees, please refer here.

Pre-marital and fertility services

FPAHK offers pre-marital and pre-pregnancy check-up, early pregnancy assessment, and sub-fertility services for couples.


Pre-marital check-up

The Pre-marital check-up aims to help about-to-wed couples prepare for marriage, family planning and future childbearing. The aim is to detect diseases in the early or asymptomatic stage, especially diseases that can affect their spouse’s or future offspring’s health. A battery of laboratory tests are done, covering Hepatitis B, Thalassemia, Rubella, Rhesus Factor, and sexually transmissible diseases. To find more information on the services and fees refer here.

Pre-pregnancy check-up

The Pre-pregnancy check-up helps couples planning to have children understand their health and fertility status before pregnancy. Services include screening for common hereditary and infectious diseases, physical check-up and information on conception and childbearing. The laboratory tests are similar to the pre-marital check-up tests listed above. To find more information on the services and fees refer here.


Early Pregnancy assessment

The Early Pregnancy Assessment offers ultrasound assessment for early diagnosis of miscarriage and pregnancy complications, to facilitate prompt and appropriate management. The clinic serves women who are pregnant within 12 weeks of gestation and encounter early pregnancy problems. To find more information on services and fees refer here.


Sub-fertility service

This service helps couples who have difficulty conceiving by providing clinical assessment, investigation, and appropriate treatment. Artificial Insemination by Husband service is offered for suitable cases. To find more information on services and fees refer here.

Sex therapy

FPAHK offers sex therapy to help couples overcome sexual problems and enjoy sexual pleasure through sex coaching, counseling, and treatment. To get more information on services and fees, refer here.


Bone health service

The Osteoporosis Clinic offers consultation, bone density measurement, laboratory tests, treatment, and follow-up services for men and women who are at high risk of osteoporosis. To get more information on services and fees, refer here.


Hepatitis B assessment service

The Hepatitis B Assessment Clinic of The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong offers testing and follow up for clients who are Hepatitis B carriers. Drug treatments will be offered if indicated. An internal referral is required. To get more information on services and fees, refer here.


Dietetic services

The Dietetic Service, offered by registered dietitians, aims to help clients maintain proper dietary habits through professional dietary advice tailored to their individual nutritional needs. Personalized dietary management plans are designed to cater to various health needs including weight management, hyperlipidaemia, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, pre-pregnant, pregnant and lactating women.


To get more information on services and fees, refer here.


Youth health care

FPAHK provides integrated medical and counseling services for unmarried people under the age of 26 on matters related to sexual and reproductive health. Major services include reproductive health check-ups, HPV vaccines, blood tests and STDs screening, contraceptive services, emergency contraception, counseling on pregnancy, sexuality, dating and sex, and termination of pregnancy referral and counseling.


To get more information on services and fees, refer here.


Sexuality education

As one of the earliest pioneers in family life education and sexuality education, FPAHK aims to equip children and adolescents with proper sexual health information, foster a positive view of sexuality and cultivate the necessary skills to exercise responsibility in sexual relationships. Sexuality education programs encompass school talks, workshops, activities and resource weeks etc. The school programs are complemented by a Mobile Classroom which brings resource materials to schools. Training courses are also offered to teachers, parents, social workers and healthcare professionals. Tailor-made classes and small group activities for parents and children can be arranged upon request. The public is welcome to visit the Association’s interactive Activities & Resources Centre in Wan Chai. To get more information on services, refer here.


This article was reviewed by The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong on 3 May 2021.

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