In Sickness & In Health: Pre-marital Body Checks in Hong Kong

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You’ve got the ring, you’ve set the date, the wedding invitations are in the mail. But have you done a pre-marriage body check? When you’re committing to a life ‘in sickness and in health’, it makes sense to really understand where on the spectrum you and your partner stand! Here are expert explanations on pre-marital body checks and their costs in Hong Kong.

Why have a pre-marital body check?

As you’re preparing for a long happy life together, it’s important to know where you both stand. Couples will choose to have a pre-marital body check for many different reasons. The most important reason for anyone to have a body check is that a lot of diseases and health conditions are either treatable or preventable if found early.


On a personal level, it’s a good rule-of-thumb to use big life changes such as getting married or changing jobs as a reminder to check in on your health status.


As a couple, it’s helpful to know whether either of you may be carrying a genetic disorder. A lot of people are carriers of a genetic disorder but will not have any symptoms. If you or your partner carry a genetic condition, your physician may advise genetic counseling.

What is assessed in a pre-marital health check in Hong Kong?

Like all body checks, the options available in a pre-marital body package vary from the most basic to a complete comprehensive health check. To be perfectly honest, the term ‘pre-marital body check’ is more of a marketing term – a lot of them are very similar to non-pre-marital body checks. Rather than specifically going for a ‘pre-marital body check’, consider reviewing your options and recommended tests by age to ensure you’re getting the check that is right for you.


Generally, a pre-marital health check will focus on basic body measurements (blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, blood analysis etc.), infectious diseases (hepatitis B, rubella, and several STDs), and genetic diseases. Thalassemia, a genetic blood disease related to sickle cell disease, is carried by 8.5% of the Chinese population in Hong Kong. To avoid passing it to future generations, it is often included in pre-marital body checks.

How much does a pre-marital body check cost in Hong Kong?

Pre-marital body checks are only available in the private health sector so there is little price or service standardization across hospitals and clinics. As with general body checks, the range of prices and packages available are extensive. When you’re looking for a pre-marital package, think about which measurements are important for you and your partner.

Examples of HK ProvidersFemale Male 
Centre of Research and Promotion of Women’s Health$1,880$1,680
The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong$900-$4,200$900-$4,200
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road$1,950 (Single) – $3,500 (Couple)
Raffles Medical Group Hong Kong$1,100$1,100
Quality Healthcare$1,480$1,480
Trinity Medical Centre$1,040 $4,360-22,200 (Couple)$1,200 $4,360-22,200 (Couple)

Does insurance in Hong Kong usually cover pre-marital body checks?

Generally insurance does not cover ‘pre-marital checks’ per say but your medical insurance may cover ‘general body checks’ and allocate an amount you can spend on annual physical exam. It is best to verify with your insurance provider or advisor the terms and conditions of body check coverage, if any.

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Reviewed by Dr. Kevin Lau 劉仲恒醫生on 20 June 2018. Dr. Kevin Lau 劉仲恒醫生 graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong and is currently the Medical Director at Trinity Medical Centre in Central. He is qualified as a Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists (United Kingdom), The Hong Kong College of Radiologists and The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.


Why do you need to have a pre-marital body check?

Pre-marital body check allows you and your partner to understand each other's health conditions, and it’s particularly important to check the risk of genetic diseases.

What items are included in the pre-marital body check?
Does medical insurance cover pre-marital body check?

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