About us


Good health starts with good information

Healthy Matters is Hong Kong’s leading health resource. Our mission is to empower you with trusted health information, so you can make the best choices for you and your family.

To accomplish our mission, Healthy Matters has established a unique Expert Advisory Board, comprised of over 40 of Hong Kong leading medical doctors and certified health practitioners.


Our Expert Advisory Board

In order to provide relevant, expert, independent health information in Hong Kong, Healthy Matters has built an independent board with top medical doctors and health practitioners practicing in Hong Kong. 

Members of the Healthy Matters Expert Advisory Board have significant experience in both Hong Kong’s public and private healthcare sectors.

All medical content is reviewed and approved by relevant members of the Healthy Matters Expert Advisory Board before it is published.

The relevance and quality of our content is essential to our mission as Hong Kong’s leading health resource.


What We Do

Healthy Matters has published hundreds of online articles and guides on various health topics, as well as the Hong Kong Maternity and Baby Book. It’s Hong Kong’s first comprehensive, independent guide to maternity, from pre-pregnancy to baby’s first year. The Hong Kong Maternity & Baby Book was authored with over 20 OB-GYNs, paediatricians and health experts. 

Healthy Matters has also organised various conferences and events, including Hong Kong’s first ever Maternity Conference, which were attended by thousands of parents and families. Healthy Matters’ events have brought together leading medical and parenting experts, to deliver trusted, relevant health information to the Hong Kong public.


Our Story

Healthy Matters was founded in 2017 by Amelie Dionne-Charest and Julien Mathieu, a couple on a  mission to bring trusted health information to Hong Kong. Healthy Matters was created in response to the co-founders’ first hand experience of needing reliable health information in Hong Kong.  

Since 2013, Amelie and Julien have worked with hundreds of doctors and health practitioners in Hong Kong as well as women and families to understand how the Hong Kong healthcare system works and what their needs are. 

Thank you for being a member of the Healthy Matters community. We look forward to bringing you trustworthy, useful health information so you can make better choices. Good health starts with good information.


Our Founders

Amelie, Co-Founder:

Amelie is a Canadian lawyer specialised in medical law and bioethics. She founded a health advisory business in 2012 after facing health issues and seeing the need for better healthcare information. 

After creating and fostering relationships with many Hong Kong health experts, Amelie saw a gap that needed to be filled – reliable health information in Hong Kong. Healthy Matters was created to increase the accessibility to health information in Hong Kong. 

Julien, Co-Founder:

Julien, originally from France, moved to Hong Kong in 2013. He initially spent 13 years in banking in Paris, New York and Hong Kong. 

Realising first-hand the need for quality health information around him, Julien co-founded Healthy Matters to deliver reliable, relevant health information to all in Hong Kong.

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