Healthy Matters is the leading source of trusted health information in Hong Kong. We bring you expert content, informative events and a supportive community for a healthier you.

Healthy Matters has a unique Expert Advisory Board that includes some of Hong Kong’s top doctors and healthcare specialists, on a basis of strict independence.

Healthy Matters was founded in 2017 by Amelie Dionne-Charest and Julien Mathieu, a lawyer-banker couple turned entrepreneurs.

The professional story 

Amelie is a Canadian lawyer specialized in medical law and bioethics. She founded a health advisory business in 2012 after facing health issues and seeing the need for better healthcare information. Julien is French and spent 13 years in banking in Paris, New York and Hong Kong. Since 2013, Amelie has met hundreds of doctors and health practitioners in Hong Kong as well as women and families to understand how the healthcare system works and what their needs are. In 2016, they had a second child and experienced firsthand the need for accessible and reliable health information. They made it a life mission, took the big plunge and co-founded Healthy Matters to address this need!  

The personal story

Amelie and Julien first met in law school in 2003 and were matched in 2006 in Paris by a good mutual friend. They got married in 2011 and have two children who are 5 and almost 2. They never really thought that they would build a common dream together in Healthy Matters, but they tried and loved it. They also love Hong Kong, and started Healthy Matters to help others live healthier lives!



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