The Hong Kong Maternity & Baby Book The ultimate guide from pre-pregnancy to baby's first year

Healthy Matters brings you the first ever comprehensive, independent guide to maternity in Hong Kong, from pre-pregnancy to baby’s first year.

Whether you have questions about before, during or after pregnancy-related topics, or wondering about your baby’s first year and how to protect your family in Hong Kong, this is your go-to book.

Presented by Healthy Matters, verified by our expert advisory board and reviewed by our parent advisory board to make sure this book is designed specifically for you.

The Hong Kong Maternity and Baby Book

The must-have book
for future & new parents! 

For you or your expectant friend.

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What To Expect?

  • Expert health information on maternity: before, during and after pregnancy.

  • Expert health information on baby’s first year.

  • The most comprehensive to-date comparison of public and private health care options in Hong Kong.

  • Exclusive contributions from top doctors and health care practitioners.

  • Coverage of Western, Complementary and Traditional Chinese Medicines.

  • Information on protection, from maternity leave to signing a will.

  • Tips on celebrating, from pregnancy photos to baby’s first birthday.

  • An independent directory of public and private medical providers and costs.

  • An independent directory of maternity related services and product providers.

Who Contributed?

and many more!

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