Whey Protein for Your Muscle Building and Recovery

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Whey protein is a concentrated source of protein in the liquid portion of milk separated from the curds during the cheesemaking process. It is rich in easily digestible branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are readily available for muscle protein synthesis and building of new muscles  after resistance and endurance exercise particularly in athletes or active individuals. Whey protein may also reduce appetite and improve body composition by decreasing fat mass and increasing lean mass. Whey protein is available in 3 forms:

  • Whey protein concentrates

Produced by extracting protein from milk using heat and acid or enzymes, it typically contains 60-80% whey protein and 20-40% fats and carbohydrates.

  • Whey protein isolates

With an additional filtering process, it typically contains 90-95% whey protein and minimal amounts of fats and carbohydrates.

  • Whey protein hydrolysates

It is a whey protein in the form of amino acids produced by further heating with acid or enzymes, easily digestible and quickly absorbed by the body.


Looking for whey protein for muscle gain? Unlock your body’s full potential by choosing the right product for yourself from the summarized list below.


7 Popular whey protein

A friendly reminder: To optimize muscle gain, take in enough protein to meet your daily protein requirements with a combination of high protein foods and protein supplements throughout the day as part of a balanced diet and exercise program.


1. Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard 100% Whey, Double Rich Chocolate, 5 lbs (2.27 kg)


Origin: Illinois, USA


Fueling over 2 billion workout recoveries worldwide since 1988, each serving of Optimum® Nutrition’s Gold Standard 100% Whey is packed with 24g of high quality protein to help muscle building with regular resistance training. The naturally occurring essential amino acids (EAAs) in the product speeds up post-workout muscle recovery. In an isolate form, fats and carbs are removed by an additional filtering step, further concentrating this whey protein to ensure exceptional purity, potency and composition. It is specially formulated for individuals with an active lifestyle or an aim to improve sports performance in strength training. 


This product contains no artificial growth hormones and is tested for banned substances.


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2. California Gold Nutrition, SPORT - Whey Protein Isolate, 1 lb, 16 oz (454 g)


Origin: Wisconsin, USA


California Gold Nutrition SPORT Whey Protein Isolate presents 27g of protein per serving and is exclusively made from dairy from Wisconsin, USA. It provides a good source of naturally occurring BCAAs and glutamic acid to support muscle development, along with low lactose content. The product is manufactured by a multi-stage cold micro-filtration isolation process using state-of-the-art membrane technology.


Produced in a 3rd Party Audited cGMP Registered (Certified) Facility, this product is unflavored and does not contain fillers, gluten, GMOs, soy, nor artificial growth hormones, colors, flavors or sweeteners.


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3. Muscletech, Nitro Tech, 100% Whey Gold, Double Rich Chocolate, 5.54 lbs (2.51 kg)


Origin: Delaware, USA


As an award-winning sports nutrition brand with 20 years of experience, Muscletech introduces their Nitro-Tech® 100% Whey Gold, a new formula based on pure protein formula featuring rapid-absorbing hydrolyzed whey peptides and isolates made from domestically and internationally sourced ingredients. Each scoop serves up 24g of the powder containing 5.5g of BCAA and 4g of glutamine and precursor for better muscle protein synthesis and recovery. The cold microfiltration process guarantees a high biological value of whey protein for optimal absorption, digestibility and mixability.


Manufactured according to cGMP Standards, as is required for all dietary supplements, this product does not contain added active ingredients, gluten, fillers, hype or any banned substances. What’s more, this product also has an award-winning flavor accredited by the American Masters of Taste.


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4. MusclePharm, Combat 100% Whey Protein, Chocolate Milk, 5 lbs (2269 g)


Origin: California, USA


Combat 100% Whey Protein is a blend packed with 25g of 100% whey protein. It contains whey isolates and concentrates that digest quickly for athletes to maintain lean muscle and replenish nutrients after workouts,  fueling muscle recovery and performance.


Made in a cGMP Certified Facility, this product is low in fats and free of artificial dyes, fillers, gluten and other undesirable ingredients. This product is also tested for both banned substances and protein label claim verification to ensure the consistent delivery of 25g of protein as promised.


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5. Now Foods, Sports, Whey Protein Isolate, Unflavored, 5 lbs (2,268 g)


Origin: Illinois, USA


NOW® Whey Protein Isolate is an unflavored, easy-to-digest whey protein of high bioavailability with naturally occurring BCAAs, making it ideal for active individuals.


This product has no artificial sweeteners, aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-K, nor soy, steroid and GMOs.


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6. ALLMAX Nutrition, Classic AllWhey, 100% Whey Protein, Chocolate, 5 lbs (2.27 kg)


Origin: Nevada, USA


CLASSIC ALLWHEY® is a premium concentrate blended with whey protein isolates that serves an exceptional amount of 30g premium whey protein. Free of WADA banned ingredients, it is validated by in-market random testing by an independent 3rd party to deliver clean and complete protein for athletes to rebuild muscle after intense training. Each lot is lab tested in a cGMP certified facility to keep it free from trans fat and gluten. With its cutting-edge flavor technology, ALLWHEY® selected 5 flavors that resonate with freshly blended ice cream milkshakes after testing more than 50 versions.


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7. Muscletech, Nitro Tech, Whey Isolate + Lean Musclebuilder, Milk Chocolate, 10 lbs (4.54 kg)


Origin: Delaware, USA


Being America’s no. 1 selling bodybuilding supplement brand, Nitro-Tech® contains 30g of protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate and whey peptides designed for athletes to facilitate recovery, performance and strength. In a 6-week double blind study, tested individuals taking Nitro-Tech® in a weight training program gained 70% more lean muscle than those using regular whey protein.


This product is also enhanced with a research-proven dose of creatine (3g) for exceptional gains in muscle and strength.


This whey protein has been filtered using multi-phase filtration technology for less fat, lactose and impurities.


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