Ambulances in Hong Kong | Who To Call In Case of Emergency?

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Ambulances have paramedics on board and are able to stabilize patients in a serious condition prior to arriving at a hospital. In Hong Kong, there are two emergency ambulance providers: 999 and St John’s Ambulance.

Call 999 for an ambulance to drive you to a public hospital A&E

Calling 999 will give you access to fire, ambulance and police services. The ambulances reached through 999 are Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) run by the Fire Services Department and are available from 36 depots across the SAR, including the outlying islands. They aim to arrive within 12 minutes of your call. When calling 999 for an ambulance, according to the Fire Department, it’s helpful to have the following information ready:
1. What has happened (e.g. someone faints, sustains injuries or is ill);
2. Detailed location of the incident;
3. Brief description of the patient’s condition (e.g. age, sex, history, symptoms, signs, seriousness of injury, number of people involved, etc); and
4. Contact telephone number.
The public emergency ambulance service 999 is entirely free – for both HK ID holders and non HK ID holders such as tourists – and takes patients to public hospital A&E Departments only. On extremely rare instances, the ambulance can drive you to a private hospital but you need a specific doctor letter for that.

Call 1878 000 for an ambulance to drive you to a private or public hospital

The St John’s Ambulances reached by 1878 000. St John Ambulance Brigade can take you to the hospital of your choice – private or public. But if it’s a life-threatening emergency, will bring you to the nearest public hospital A&E. The service is entirely free for both HK ID holders and non HK ID holders such as tourists.
They are stationed at the following addresses and are recommended if you are closer to their locations:
Hong Kong – 2 Tai Hang Road, Causeway Bay
Kowloon – 10 Princess Margaret Road, Kowloon
New Territories – 28 Tin Ping Road, Sheung Shui

Hot tips for emergency services

Ever wonder what those 5-digit numbers are on light posts and road bollards in Hong Kong are? Each number is unique and provides your exact location to emergency services if you get in trouble. Spread the word!
Dialing 112 from a mobile phone will connect you to local emergency services in over 80 countries, including Hong Kong, worldwide.
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