Women-related Health Articles

Learn more about women’s health in Hong Kong. What are your healthcare options and what can you expect? Scroll down to find out more.

Urology Basics for Women | It’s Not Just for Men!

Did you know urology isn’t just for men? While most people associate urology with male problems, very few know that urologists also treat women and that some physicians are sub-specialized in female urology. In Hong Kong, there are only two female urologists in private practice. Healthy Matters met one of them, Doctor Vera Chung 鍾楊醫生,… Read More

Woman having her period

Menstruation | What’s Normal, and What’s Not

While perhaps not the highlight of your month, the menstrual cycle rolls around twelve-ish times a year. Every month the uterus prepares a new lining in preparation for a potential pregnancy. When a woman doesn’t find herself pregnant, the lining sheds, causing bleeding.   In collaboration with Dr. Selina Pang (彭敏華醫生), we explain what a… Read More

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