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Beauty-related Health Articles

Woman washing her face to prevent acne

The Complete Guide to Adult Acne | 9 Most Common Causes & Treatments

Adult acne is essentially the same as teen acne – caused by excess skin oil, blockage of pores, bacteria and skin inflammation. The reasons why different people get acne in adulthood can differ from teen acne but it manifests very similarly. Washing with a gentle face-specific cleanser in the morning and night and using over-the-counter… Read More

Mother with braces laughing with boy son

The Expert Guide to Orthodontic Care in Hong Kong

Looking for an orthodontist in Hong Kong? Here is your guide to Hong Kong orthodontic treatments. Dentistry is a broad medical field with a goal to improve oral health, but there are differences between dentists and orthodontists. The main point to remember is that orthodontists specialize in specific treatments like correcting misaligned teeth and jaws… Read More

Dry, cracked ground

How to Manage Dry Winter Skin? Skin Care Tips From Dermatologist

Hong Kong winters can wreak havoc on our skin. The drop in temperature and humidity brings great weather to explore the trails and playgrounds of the city, but with it, dry and irritated skin. Moisture is essential in your skin to maintain its function as a strong protective barrier.   Environmental and medical causes of… Read More

Woman abdominal liposuction marks

Safety of Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Beauty Procedures in Hong Kong

Not many people can honestly say they wouldn’t like to look younger and more beautiful. Like any trend, the cosmetic industry has attracted the attention of entrepreneurs in Hong Kong looking to capitalize on our appetite for beauty. If you’ve been following this story, you’ll have seen a number of stories in local Hong Kong… Read More

Happy woman who has cosmetic surgery

Choosing the Right Doctor for Plastic Surgery and Medical Beauty in Hong Kong | Expert Advice

There’s a lot of confusion about the safety and issues surrounding cosmetic plastic surgery and medical beauty procedures in Hong Kong. To follow up on our article on cosmetic plastic surgery and medical beauty procedures, we asked the Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital, Dr. Jimmy Yu-Wai Chan 陳汝威生 to talk… Read More

Sunglasses on the beach

Interview with Hong Kong Dermatologist John Yu on Sun Exposure and Protection

It’s summertime and what is more fun than spending a day out in the sun? Of course, the most important thing for anyone out basking in the sun is to safely protect their skin. Exposure to sunlight will not only give you a sun-kissed tan, but can also cause wrinkles and spots, and increase the risk… Read More

Does Beauty Sleep Exist? Yes, And Research Proves it!

We’ve had promises that expensive caviar, sheet masks and professional facials will make us into the most beautiful versions of ourselves. But what if the most effective beauty remedy was actually free? Sleep! We checked in with the latest research to share some of the beauty benefits of pillow time.     Sleep and attractiveness… Read More

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