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Women-related Health Articles

Learn more about women’s health in Hong Kong. What are your healthcare options and what can you expect? Scroll down to find out more.

Common Ophthalmic Conditions in Women

Common Ophthalmic Conditions in Women

The World Health Organization estimates that women account for nearly 65% of the visually-impaired population globally. We checked in with ophthalmologist Dr. Marcus Marcet about which problems women are most at-risk of contracting and why women are more susceptible to these disorders.   General rule: Both women and men should visit their eye doctor if… Read More

Chinese Medicine Can Relieve Menstrual Pain

How Chinese Medicine Can Relieve Menstrual Pain

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), your period is a reflection of your blood and qi (the circulating life force). According to TCM, a pain-free period requires abundant blood to flow freely throughout your body. Your TCM practitioner will go through your medical history with you and determine the cause and remedy for your painful cramps.… Read More

Woman washing her face to prevent acne

Adult Acne | 9 Most Common Causes & Treatments

Adult acne is essentially the same as teen acne – caused by excess skin oil, blockage of pores, bacteria and skin inflammation. The reasons why different people get acne in adulthood can differ from teen acne but it manifests very similarly. Washing with a gentle face-specific cleanser in the morning and night and using over-the-counter… Read More

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