Where to Buy Masks in Hong Kong?

Last updated on April 1, 2021.

There has been an explosion of information, comments and opinions on COVID-19 on the internet and social media. We believe that on serious topics in general, and on public health matters in particular, it is essential to rely on facts and seek credible, expert information. Our mission at Healthy Matters remains to bring you the best information, so you can make the best choices for you and your family. 

For a while now, there have been doubts around the effectiveness of masks in slowing the spread of the COVID-19. In recent weeks, certain countries started to realise that Asia may have been right all along.

As Hong Kong is hit with a second wave of cases, many people are rushing to stores to make sure they have enough masks for themselves and their families. Here’s where to find them and how much they cost (prices in HKD).

The basics

Local pharmacies get regular stocks of masks, usually ranging from around $220 – $280 for a box of 50 so those are generally your best bet. There are over 650 registered pharmacies in Hong Kong, meaning there are pharmacies all over the city. You can find here an updated list of all registered pharmacies in Hong Kong. A well known one is Fanda which has several locations in Hong Kong:


Fanda Pharmacy

Website: www.fanda.com.hk
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +852 2366 8337
Type of masks: wide range available.


G / F Shop B2, Golden Crown Court,
66-70 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui , Shop B2, Golden Crown
Building , 66-70 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

G / F Shop B, World Wide House,
19 Des Voeux Road / Pedder Street
Central, HK 19 Des Voeux Road Central, Central,
or G / F, Pedder Street Global Building


Parknshop Website

Parknshop Website

Website: www.parknshop.com/en
Email: [email protected]
Phone: + 852 2690 0948
Types of masks: Anti-Bacterial Copper Mask for $268
Locations: find a store using this store locator

Buying masks online

A variety of masks can be found online including disposable and reusable masks. Reusable masks are your more eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) options that can be worn with a disposable inner layer filter for added protection.

HKTV mall (delivered in 1 – 4 days)

HKTV Mall Website

Website: www.hktvmall.com/hktv/en
Types of masks:
– Three-layer disposable masks (50 pcs) – $200 – $288
– N95 masks (5 pcs) – $48
– Reusable fashion masks (2 pcs + 10 disposable mask pad) – $79
– 3M Disposable Respirator Masks (10 pcs) – $299
– KN95 (20 pcs) – $520
– Medical masks 3PLY (100 pcs) – $750
Inner layer refills – $68.

Ubuy (delivered in 10 days)

Ubuy Website

Website: www.ubuy.hk/en
Phone: +852 5803 6490
Types of masks:
– Three-layer disposable masks (20 pcs) – $61
– Disposable 3PLY masks (50 pcs) – $285


GMarket Website

Website: www.mg.gmarket.co.kr
Types of masks: this Korean online store sells a variety of masks ranging from $100 to $400.

Breasy Hong Kong

Breasy Hong Kong Website

Website: www.breasy.hk
Email: [email protected]
Types of masks: reusable N99 masks that range from $349 to $400 a piece with free, same-day delivery in Hong Kong.

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Masks to support local businesses

SPT Mask (on a pre-order basis)



Website: www.sptmask.noq.com.hk/end
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sptmask
Types of masks:
– Three layers disposable mask (50 pcs) – $125
– N95 mask (20 pcs / 50 pcs) – $660 / $1,500

Mask Factory 口罩工廠 (on a pre-order basis)

MyMaskFactory Website

MyMaskFactory Website

Website: www.mymaskfactory.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mymaskfactory
Types of masks: wide variety of disposable masks ranging from $50 – $150 for 50.


Ekologic Facebook Page

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ekologic.living/
Email: [email protected]op
Phone: +852 3168 5138
Type of masks: fabric – $98
Address: 16 Tsun Yuen Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong


masHKer Website

Website: www.mashker.com/
Types of masks: disposable masks $248 for 2 boxes, 50 pieces each.
Note: with every purchase one box is sent to a local NGO or someone in need.

One Mask HK 一合口罩

One Mask HK Website

Website: www.theonemask.com/products
Email: [email protected]
Types of masks: disposable $68 for one box of 30 pieces.
Note: when you order you have the option to donate an additional box to someone in need.

If you are looking for disposable gloves or protective goggles

HKTV mall (delivered in 1 – 4 days):

Website: www.hktvmall.com/hktv/en
– Disposable Transparent Gloves (100 pcs) – $35
– Protective goggles (1 pc) – $39 – $90

About Thai

Type: disposable gloves (100 pcs) – $80

Ubuy (delivered in 10 days)

Website: www.ubuy.hk/en
Phone: +852 5803 6490
Type: nitrile gloves (100 pcs) – $328

Please be mindful that some at-risk individuals may need these masks more than you do, so avoid stocking up with more masks than you need to ensure that everyone who needs them will have access. Pay it forward!

Consider donating some to people in need, either in your neighbourhood or by using One Mask HK 一合口罩 or masHker本土好罩!

*All these retailers had stock at the time of this article (ie. April 3, 2020).

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