Your Guide to Hong Kong Children's Hospital 香港兒童醫院

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Hong Kong Children's Hospital

Have you heard about Hong Kong Children’s Hospital? It is Hong Kong’s brand new children hospital and its opening on 18 December 2018 marked an important step in Hong Kong’s healthcare development.



The decision to build the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital was made in 2007 with the goal of improving the expertise in pediatric treatments. It was not until 2013 when the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council finally approved the funding that the Government decided to build the hospital in the Kai Tak Development area in Kowloon Bay.


The entire facility was completed in 2017. The hospital is scheduled to open by phases starting from December 2018.


This hospital aims to provide top-notch clinical services that are “children-centered” and “family-friendly” to improve the patient experience. It is also set to provide better training for doctors specializing in pediatrics and to promote research.

Services provided by Hong Kong Children’s Hospital

The Hong Kong Children’s Hospital is an inclusive specialized medical center. Its services range from clinical consultations and pediatric surgery to rehabilitation and psychological care.


It is important to note that this new hospital doesn’t include any Accident & Emergency services. All appointments must be made in advance and upon a doctor referral.


Inpatient services are scheduled to start in phases from 2019.

Costs at Hong Kong Children’s Hospital

The Hong Kong Children’s Hospital serves within the public healthcare sector of Hong Kong, being run by the Hospital Authority and receives funding from the government. This means services are priced at relatively low costs for local residents (i.e. with HK ID). Medical fees are the same as for any Hospital Authority providers and available here. For example, a one day inpatient stay is HK$100. 


According to a South China Morning Post article that was published on 18 December 2018, the first group of patients attending the new hospital had a much better experience compared to the typical public hospitals in Hong Kong, including the likes of Princess Margaret Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital.


It is believed that the inclusive nature of this new hospital will lead to a more organized process and will make patients’ lives easier. In fact, the Hong Kong Children’s Hospital facilities were designed with patient convenience in mind. Both clinics and doctor specialists are strategically located to minimize distance. Unlike other public hospitals in Hong Kong, this new hospital’s different floors are easy to navigate. 

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Possible concerns

Its recent opening means that several HA pediatricians will be moving to work there. This doctor migration may not be ideal given that the current patient intake in public hospitals is reaching extreme levels and there is a shortage of doctors. 


Moreover, there are currently no walk-in services. Therefore, if your child is suffering from the common flu, you will have to go to another hospital or clinic. At this stage, the hospital does not have the manpower to accept walk-ins. 

Directions and navigating the premises

With the highly developed public transport system in Hong Kong, and the relatively central area of the Kai Tak Development area, it is convenient to reach the hospital. According to the hospital’s Chief Executive, Dr. Lee-Tsz-leung, there are currently one minibus and two bus routes available to reach the location, with plans to add more minibus routes starting from 2019.


The hospital is located in Kowloon Bay at this address: Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, 1 Shing Cheong Road. You can find a map here.


It is divided into 2 towers of 11 floors each: Tower A for Training & Research Tower; Tower B for Clinical Services. The towers are connected by bridges on the 2nd, 3rd and 9th floors. You can find a list of services per floor here.

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