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Here is a selection of top podcast about health and wellbeing, to listen to on an evening run or during your commute to work. These are a great way to learn, get facts on important matters and often, have fun! Plus, you won’t be watching your screen (good for your eyes and posture!).


1) TEDTalks Health


ted talks health

Leading media organization TED upholds the slogan “Ideas worth spreading”. All over the world TED talks brings motivational and educational speakers to share and influence their listeners on education, business, science, technology and more. TED Talks Health brings you the curated version of the best health topics from their events and conferences, ranging from the newest medical breakthroughs to fascinating talks about well-being. Most of their speakers are top researchers, doctors and health influencers. Get ready to learn and be inspired.


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2) Science Vs

Science VS podcast


Science Vs talks about interesting and compelling facts you never knew about Science. Host Wendy Zukerman discusses all sorts of trends and hot topics from real scientific mysteries to non-fiction theories. Some are funny, some are controversial, but they always draw conclusions based on scientific facts. Find out whether your 7-minute workout really works or if pets really need emotional support.


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3) Optimal Health Daily


Optimal Health Daily


Everyone loves to listen, but not everyone loves to read. The Optimal Health Daily reads you the best curated health and wellness blogs, for practical, educational tips and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The variety of blogs inspires personal sharings on the speaker’s own transformation experience or a mini Q&A session with doctors and experts. With its credible and wide range of topics, get ready to improve your health goals.


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4) The Mindbodygreen Podcast


the mindbodygreen podcast


Jason Wachob takes you on a journey of mental, physical, spiritual, and environmental well-being through the mindbodygreen podcast. It covers interviews and insightful discussions with successful entrepreneurs and businessmen that challenge the wellness world and how important it is to be aware of your own health conditions and maintain them. Its thought-provoking discussions cover sustainability awareness in today’s world, wellness in the restaurant industry, and more!


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5) All in the Mind


All in the Mind


Produced by BBC Radio, All in the Mind aims at exploring the limits and potential of the human mind. Claudia Hammond talks about mental health, self-care and tips on how to maintain them. As a graduate, lecturer and journalist specializing in Health Psychology, Claudia Hammond and BBC bring you a great source of information and news on mental health.


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