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Last updated on June 26, 2019.

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GENERIC NAME: Clotrimazole 



What is Clotrimazole for?

Clotrimazole is an antifungal medication that can be used for the following fungal infections: 

  • Fungal infection in otitis externa (outer ear infection)
  • Fungal skin infections such as tinea pedis (athletes’ foot) 
  • Superficial sites of infection in vaginal and vulval candidiasis (yeast infection) 
  • Vaginal candidiasis

How to use it?

For fungal infection in otitis externa 

To the ear

Adult / Child 

Apply 2-3 times daily, continue for at least 14 days after the disappearance of infection 

For fungal skin infections 

To the skin 

Adult / Child 

Apply 2-3 times daily 

For superficial sites of infection in vaginal and vulval candidiasis 

To the vagina using 1% or 2% cream 


Apply 2-3 times daily, to be applied to the region of the anus and the genitalia 

For vaginal candidiasis 

To the vagina using 10% intravaginal cream 


Insert 5 g (one applicatorful) at night once, dose can be repeated once if necessary 

To the vagina using pessaries 


200 mg for 3 nights OR 100 mg for 6 nights OR 500 mg for 1 night, course can be repeated once if necessary

What are the side effects of Clotrimazole?

Common side effects of Clotrimazole include redness, stinging, irritation and allergy. 

Where to buy Clotrimazole in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, Clotrimazole can be a pharmacy only medicine or a prescription only medicine depending on the indications and formulations. Pharmacy only medicines are over-the-counter medicines and can be purchased without a prescription in a pharmacy by speaking with the pharmacist. They can also be obtained from doctors. Prescription only medicine are those require a prescription from a doctor to be purchased in a pharmacy. They can also be obtained from doctors. To find a pharmacy near you, refer to the list of pharmacies (“Authorized Sellers of Poisons”) from the Hong Kong Department of Health.

For more information about drug names and ingredients, you can visit Hong Kong’s Drug Office at

For detailed information about the use of Clotrimazole in children, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and for questions about drug interactions, please check with your pharmacist or doctor. 

Disclaimer: our goal is to provide you with the most relevant drug information and common dosage for Hong Kong. This information does not constitute medical advice. For specific treatment recommendations and advice, always discuss with your doctor or pharmacist, and follow the instructions included with your specific medicine.