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During pregnancy


Learn more about pregnancy health. Your healthcare options in Hong Kong and what to expect.
  • Haircare in Pregnancy | What’s Safe?

    Hair coloring tools and products

    Being pregnant can be tough. Your body is undergoing a ton of physical changes and as you’re coming to grips with all these new and bigger bits, sometimes a little pampering is what you need. We’ve discussed safe pampering in ...

  • Gain A Child, Lose A Tooth? Why Dental Health Is So Important During Pregnancy

    Pregnant mother with her child smiling

    How many of you know that your dental health is particularly at risk when you’re pregnant? There’s an old Chinese saying “gain a child, lose a tooth” 生一個孩子,掉一顆牙 – a traditional belief that the foetus strips away the calcium from the ...

  • Wondering If You Are pregnant? Early Signs You Should Look For

    Woman looking at pregnancy test result

    Do you have a suspicion you might be pregnant? Of course, the best way to tell is a pregnancy test, but both at-home and physician-ordered tests only start to show results four weeks after your last period or two weeks ...

  • Hong Kong Island Welcomes Its First Private NICU

    Exciting news for parents-to-be in the near and far future: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong has opened the doors to its Obstetrics Ward!   Gleneagles Hospital pioneered with the first private A&E on Hong Kong Island in January 2018 and, as part of ...

  • Nurturing your child starts with nurturing yourself

    Nutritious food

    Growing another human is hard work. While you don’t have control over what’s going on in your belly, controlling what you put in it will help your child in the long run. When feeding yourself and your little spud, the basic ...



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