The Hong Kong Maternity + Baby Event 2018



The leading event in Hong Kong on Pregnancy and Babies
Saturday 13 October 2018 at the JW Marriott Hotel
一個有關懷孕及育兒的大型活動在2018年10月 13日(星期六)於JW萬豪酒店舉行
Event Summary - The Hong Kong Maternity + Baby Event 2018

Each year Healthy Matters brings you the leading event in Hong Kong on pregnancy and baby’s health. This is the most empowering event of the year for new and expecting parents. 

During this one-day event, attendees have access to:

  1. Hong Kong’s largest lineup of top doctors and experts 
  2.  A curated selection of product and service providers 
  3.  An unparalleled experience with all-day parent and baby activities
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2018 Event Program

09:30 – 10:00 AM
10:00 – 10:15 AM
10:15 – 11:00 AM
A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Pregnancy
Salon 1 Confirmed speakers: Dr. Zara Chan, Hersha Chellaram, Dr. Kamilla Holst, Benita Perch Moderator: Andrew Work
11:00 – 11:20 AM
11:20 – 12:05 PM
The Underdiscussed Topics of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation & Post-partum Mental Wellbeing
Salon 1 Confirmed speakers: Panda Li, Dr. Michelle Tsui, Dr. Quratulain Zaidi Moderator: Maura Thompson
Pregnancy After 35: What You Should Know About Prenatal Care & Childbirth
Salon 2 Confirmed speaker: Dr. Alexander K. Doo Moderator: Amelie Dionne-Charest
12:05 – 12:50 PM
Traditional Chinese Views of Pregnancy & Confinement Translated Into Today’s Reality
Salon 1 Confirmed speakers: Dr. Edmund Hon, Dr. Michelle Law Moderator: Andrew Work
Baby’s First Year: A Holistic Approach to Your Child's Health
Salon 2
Confirmed speakers: Inès De Beer, Dr. Mei Mei Yip Moderator: Melissa Stevens
12:50 – 01:40 PM
01:40 – 02:25 PM
Tips for Daddies & Grandparents: How to Support Mommy & Care for the Baby
Salon 1 Confirmed speakers: Philo Alto, Odette Umali, Peter Williams Moderator: Andrew Work
Breastfeeding Workshop
Salon 2 Confirmed speaker: Sofie Jacobs Moderator: Dr. Michelle Zhou McCulloch
02:25 – 03:10 PM
Vaginal Births & C-section Births | What to Expect & How to Best Prepare Yourself
Salon 1 Confirmed speakers: Dr. Patrick Chan, Dr. Assad Hussain, Dr. Michael Rogers, Hulda Thorey Moderator: Andrew Work
Health & Wellness Trends: the Impact on Pregnancy
Salon 2 Confirmed speaker: Daniel Chan, Anna Leonardo Moderator: Marie Swarbreck
03:10 – 03:30 PM
03:30 – 04:15 PM
How to Encourage Parent-Child Bonding & Your Baby’s Brain Development
Salon 1 Confirmed speaker: Dr. Fanny Lam, Dr. Amanda Oswalt-Visher, Dr. Lamont Tang Moderator: Andrew Work
04:15 – 04:30 PM
04:30 PM


Our 2018 Speakers

We invite some of Hong Kong’s top medical professionals and healthcare experts to share their insights, advice and experience on relevant topics about maternity and baby care.


Dr. Patrick Chan, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Chan Sai Lock, Patrick Clinic Dr. Patrick Chan graduated from the University of Melbourne medical school. After completing residency at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, he returned to Hong Kong to work for Hospital Authority. He worked for more than 10 years in public sector and during this period completed higher training in minimal invasive gynecological surgery. He has further sub-specialized in reproductive medicine at the Monash IVF Centre, Australia. Currently, Dr. Chan is in private practice providing obstetrics care and fertility treatment.
Dr. Patrick Chan, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Chan Sai Lock, Patrick Clinic
Dr. Zara Chan, Obstetrician Gynecologist, OT&P Dr. Zara Chan is a Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and practices at OT&P Healthcare’s Woman and Child Clinic in Central. Dr. Chan is Canadian and completed her medical training at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong and has also received her qualification from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the UK. She was an honorary lecturer in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is currently the president of the Midwives and Maternal-Child Caregivers Association.
Dr. Zara Chan, Obstetrician Gynecologist, OT&P
Daniel Chan, Manager, Strategy, Health & Wellness, Cigna Daniel has held various positions in both the UK and Hong Kong within the Health and Wellness field. Originating from the UK, he trained as a nurse and worked in both the public and private sectors as well as corporately for an Investment Bank working as their Health Consultant. Since moving to Asia, he has worked in the insurance industry within the Health and Wellness capacity focusing on health management and improvement. In his current role at Cigna as their Health and Wellness Strategy Manager, he works alongside their International Markets developing their Health and Wellness strategies and improving clients health and wellbeing.
Daniel Chan, Manager, Strategy, Health & Wellness, Cigna
Hersha Chellaram Hersha Chellaram is a yoga therapist and authorised yoga teacher trainer for Integral Yoga and Accessible Yoga. She offers 200-hour, 500-hour, prenatal and children’s yoga training programs specialising in the spectrum of ability, often going beyond the physical practice of yoga to include more internal and mindfulness practices as well. Her prenatal yoga training program educates women and yoga teachers about individualising yoga’s approach to be inclusive and adaptive to accommodate women of all abilities, health conditions, and pregnancy risks. Post-natal recovery, emotional health and trauma sensitivity are also hallmarks of her training, so that the teachings of yoga can be safely applied to women in difficult circumstances. She is the founder of YAMA Foundation, a Hong Kong based non profit that brings yoga, arts and meditation to underserved communities, including those with disability, special needs, chronic illness and vulnerability.
Hersha Chellaram, Integral Yoga Therapist & Teacher Trainer of Hersha Yoga, Co-founder of YAMA Foundation
Ines De Beer Inès De Beer has been in Hong Kong for more than 18 years and was one of the first osteopaths in the city. In 1995 she obtained her degree as osteopath from the J.W. Academy of Osteopathy (Belgium), in association with the Maidstone College of Osteopathy (U.K.). She furthered her osteopathic knowledge with several post graduate courses. Aside from the many adults she has helped, Inès has found a passion treating babies and children and acquired extensive experience in this field. A few years ago, she founded a multi-disciplinary health centre on the Southside, named The Round Clinic, specializing in families and children.
Inès De Beer, Osteopath, The Round Clinic
Alexandra Doo Dr. Alexander K. Doo has been practicing in Hong Kong for over two decades. He is a member of various international reproductive organizations and is the Vice President of the Asian Pacific Fertility Preservation Society. He is also the president elect of the Hong Kong Society for Reproductive Medicine. He is at present the Honorary Consultant at the Matilda International Hospital as well as the Director of The Women’s Clinic and Director of The IVF Clinic.
Dr. Alexander K. Doo, Obstetrician Gynecologist, The Women’s Clinic
Dr. Kamilla Holst is a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic from Scandinavia, who specializes in providing treatment and support to pregnant women, new mums and their newborn babies. She is an Instagram influencer and regular contributor to maternity publications and podcasts. Author of the woman empowerment book 'The Fear Bucket List' supporting women and children in Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan.
Dr. Kamilla Holst, Chiropractor, B.S. Vaughan & Associates
Dr. Edmund Hon, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Well Woman Health Clinic Dr. Edmund Hon received his medical training at the University of London Guy’s Medical School. He specializes in obstetrics and gynecology and has obtained advanced level in laparoscopic surgery. He started his private practice in 2008 and is currently Honorary Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong.
Dr. Edmund Hon, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Well Woman Health Clinic
Dr. Assad Hussain, Anesthetist, Q9 Orthopaedic & Spine Centre Dr. Assad Hussain graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1999. He is a specialist in anesthesia and pain medicine. He was the Director of Queen Mary Hospital’s obstetric anesthesia services before leaving to work in private sector. He is currently a resident doctor at Matilda International Hospital and practices at all private hospitals.
Dr. Assad Hussain, Anesthetist, Q9 Orthopaedic & Spine Centre
Dr. Fanny Lam, Specialist in Developmental-Behavioural Pediatrics, Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics Centre Dr. Fanny Wai-fan Lam, Specialist in Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics, has more than 25 years of clinical experience. She received her hospital-based paediatrics training in Hong Kong before pursuing further academic positions in Australia and Canada. Throughout the years, Dr. Lam authored and co-authored a number of medical literature in the field of genetics and child development in peer-reviewed medical journals. In recognition of her endeavors in research and teaching, Dr. Lam was awarded Tutor by the Association for Research in Infant and Child Development, United Kingdom, and Honorary Assistant Clinical Professor by the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, University of Hong Kong. Currently, Dr. Lam serves as the Developmental Paediatrician in Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics Centre, and in Matilda International Hospital. Dr. Lam is also actively involved in public and professional education, as well acting as medical expert in paediatrics litigations and medical council inquiries. She is committed to enable children to develop their best potentials in cognitive, socio-emotional and adaptive functionings.
Dr. Fanny Lam, Specialist in Developmental-Behavioural Pediatrics, Hong Kong Developmental Paediatrics Centre
Panda Li, Physiotherapist & Partner, PhysioMotion Panda Li is an Australian trained Physiotherapist and Founding Partner of PhysioMotion – an established physiotherapy clinic that is known for its expertise in women’s health from pre / post-natal musculoskeletal issues including the treatment of rectus diastasis and pelvic floor rehabilitation to the treatment of breast pain during breast feeding. In addition, she has extensive experience treating musculoskeletal injuries as demonstrated by her role in the Hong Kong Medical Team as Physiotherapist to elite athletes at the Sydney Olympics 2000, Watson's Women's Tennis Challenge and Hong Kong Rugby 7's. She is a Certified Connect Therapy™© Physiotherapist who uses a unique approach both in the diagnostics and treatment of musculoskeletal issues particularly as they relate to women’s health issues.
Panda Li, Physiotherapist & Partner, PhysioMotion
Sofie Jacobs, Midwife and Pre and Postnatal Pilates Teacher, Urban Hatch Sofie Jacobs - founder of Urban Hatch - is a qualified Midwife and Pilates Teacher with international experience that spans almost 20 years and multiple continents. Her expertise is built on working with women and their families from all over the world from pre-conception to the first 12 months after birth. Her philosophy is to support and prepare using an open minded and practical approach that can be adapted to the unique needs and lifestyle of any individual or family.
Sofie Jacobs, Midwife and Pre and Postnatal Pilates Teacher, Urban Hatch
Dr. Michelle Pui Man, Law TCM Practitioner, Vitality Center Dr. Michelle Law Pui Man 羅佩雯 B.C.M. (CUHK), PhD in Public Health (Family Medicine) (CUHK), was born in Hong Kong and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in the School of Chinese Medicine at Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). After obtaining her Bachelor Degree she pursued further postgraduate study at the Faculty of Medicine of the CUHK. She graduated from PhD (Family Medicine) study and her thesis is focused on acne vulgaris induced by hormone imbalance. Clinically, she has special interests in gynecological medicine and has extensive experience in treating patients with infertility or its associated problems. She practices at Vitality Centre, as well as the Honorary Assistant Professor of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and The Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Dr. Michelle Pui Man, Law TCM Practitioner, Vitality Center
Anna Leonardo, Maternity Insurance Specialist, AD MediLink Born in Russia, Ms. Leonardo worked in Beijing in the healthcare industry before relocating to Hong Kong in 2014. When she became pregnant, sh e didn’t know much about the Hong Kong healthcare system and sought out AD MediLink services. She received advice and guidance which helped her make the right decisions according to her budget. Anna joined the AD MediLink team in 2016 and has since built a strong expertise in maternity coverage and family insurance plans.
Anna Leonardo, Maternity Insurance Specialist, AD MediLink
Dr. Amanda Oswalt-Visher, Doctoral Clinical Psychologist and Director of Psychological Services, SPOT Amanda has been a child development specialist for 20 years. She provides individual, family and group therapy and psychological assessments. Prior to SPOT, she has worked at New York University Child Study Center, Columbia University, Juvenile Hall, American Foster Care, Red Cross, Beth Israel Medical Center, Great Ormond Street Children& Hospital, Several Early Intervention Centers. She comes from the the United States (Florida, California and New York City) and lived all over the US and UK. She has been in Hong Kong for 7 years and has a BFA in Theatre. Prior to her career in psychology, she was a Disney performer and was live-in nanny for Madonna and Brooke Shields. She has made several appearances on Pearl TV and RTHK Radio and is a consultant for SCMP, Playtimes, The List Magazine and has a published parenting book.
Dr. Amanda Oswalt-Visher, Doctoral Clinical Psychologist and Director of Psychological Services, SPOT
Dr. Benita Perch, Naturopathic Physician, IMI Dr. Benita Perch (ND) is an accomplished Naturopathic Physician, and a senior partner at IMI, Hong Kong’s leading clinic for integrative medicine. Dr. Perch is one of the few licensed, North American-trained Naturopathic Physicians practising in Hong Kong, and the only one to have completed a residency. This gives a breadth and depth to her understanding in modern medicine, and enables her to approach healing clients to be one that is truly integrative. Her passion for ensuring that standards in Naturopathic Medicine are practised in Hong Kong led her to play a key role in establishing the Integrative Association of Naturopaths (Hong Kong), of which she is currently Vice President. Dr. Perch supports women through all phases of pregnancy from preconception and boosting fertility, to post-partum care with natural and integrative medicine. She combines herbal medicine, modern diagnostic testing, clinical nutrition and classical homeopathy to support a safe and healthy pregnancy, as well as minimising potential complications.As a mother of two toddlers, her first-hand experience of pregnancy and being a mother has enriched her knowledge and given her a realistic understanding of what challenges mothers in Hong Kong face.
Dr. Benita Perch, Naturopathic Physician, IMI
Dr. Michael Rogers, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Hong Kong Surgical Specialists Dr. Michael Rogers received his medical training at the University of Birmingham, UK. He is Honorary Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He worked for more than 24 years in Hong Kong’s public sector before moving to private practice 10 years ago. In the field of obstetrics Dr. Rogers has published widely in international journals on diabetes, preeclampsia and fetal distress. He was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine by the Chinese University of Hong Kong for his work on preeclampsia.
Dr. Michael Rogers, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Hong Kong Surgical Specialists
Hulda Thorey, Midwife Annerley Hulda Thorey is the Director and Founder of Annerley the midwives clinic. She specializes in continuous midwifery care during pregnancy and most of her day is spent doing antenatal clinics and consultations. Hulda also runs pregnancy classes and cares for women in labor at home. She guides parents who are new to Hong Kong, or newly pregnant, about how best to go about their care and support while pregnant or as new parents.
Hulda Thorey, Midwife Annerley
Dr. Lamont Tang, Neuroscientist, CEO & Founder, Oyalabs As a passionate neuroscientist and a father of two young sons, Dr Tang has unique insights on the science of early child education. As a practitioner of evidence- based parenting, he wants to empower other parents to learn to tune in with their child’s unique development and nurture their skills to realize their full potential. Inspired by his first son, Dr Tang founded Oyalabs in 2017 to create Oto – a hardware and A.I. platform to give parents intuitive tools to monitor and improve their child’s learning path and receive personalised and evidence-based activities, books and toys that fit their child’s individual needs.
Dr. Lamont Tang, Neuroscientist, CEO & Founder, Oyalabs
Dr. Michelle Tsui, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Premier Medical Center Dr. Michelle Tsui received her medical training at University of Queensland, Australia. Prior to private practice, she was an assistant professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's obstretrics and gynecology department. She started private practice 12 years ago and provides continuous care from preconception / fertility evaluation, through to antenatal care, obstetrics ultrasound, delivery, and postnatal care.
Dr. Michelle Tsui, Obstetrician Gynecologist, Premier Medical Center
Odette Umali, Founder, Gordon Parenting Odette Umali is the Founder of Gordon Parenting, the exclusive representative of Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) in HK and Macau. Odette conducts P.E.T. courses, certifies instructors, has developed Parent Education programs in International Schools and Pre-schools, worked extensively with NGOs and spearheaded the effort to translate training materials into Traditional Chinese (Cantonese). P.E.T. is accredited by the Macau School Board as a course in the School of Continuing Studies of Macau UST. Odette’s articles appear in SCMP and Sing Tao Daily. She has a degree in Psychology and completed her Executive MBA from Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also holds a diploma on Adult Training and Education from Hong Kong University. She has a daughter (19 yo) and a son (14 yo).
Odette Umali, Founder, Gorden Parenting
Dr. Mei Mei Yip, General Practitioner, OT&P Dr. Mei Mei Yip is at OT&P as a physician in the baby and child care team. She moved to Hong Kong after graduating from St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Medical College, UK. She specialized in pediatrics at the University Pediatrics and Adolescent Unit at Queen Mary Hospital for 7 years. She became a Member of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, UK in 2006. During this time, she also obtained her Diploma in Child Health and is certified for the Griffiths Mental Development assessment. She gained her Diploma in Advances in Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2014.
Dr. Mei Mei Yip, General Practitioner, OT&P
Dr. Quratulain Zaidi, Clinical Psychologist, MindnLife Dr. Quratulain Zaidi is originally from the UK and is a Hong Kong based Clinical Psychologist. She is a member of the British Psychological Society and the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She focuses and specializes in supporting individuals, families and children on their unique needs. She works with individual adults, families, adolescents, children, parents, educators, and executives both in Hong Kong and internationally.
Dr. Quratulain Zaidi, Clinical Psychologist, MindnLife

MC & Moderators:

Amelie Dionne-Charest, Co-Founder, Healthy Matters Amelie Dionne-Charest co-founded two Hong Kong based businesses in the health space. Healthy Matters which is the leading source of trusted health information for women and families in Hong Kong and AD MediLink which provides health insurance advisory services. Her mission is to empower the public with trusted health information. Amelie is a Canadian lawyer specialized in medical law. She is Chair of the Insurance & Healthcare Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and has received various prizes including the 2016 Entrepreneurial Achievers Under 35 Award by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the Catherine Nance Common President of the Year Award by McGill University. She is the mother of two young kids, Lea (5) and Adrien (2).
Amelie Dionne-Charest, Co-Founder, Healthy Matters
Melissa Stevens, Editor, Expat Living Melissa Stevens is the Editor for Expat Living Hong Kong. She has worked in media for more than 15 years in Hong Kong and Australia. She was previously the launch editor of Hong Kong's South China Morning Post's City Weekend section and has edited two daily newspapers in Sydney, as well as holding a number of senior editorial positions on Sydney's The Daily Telegraph and national website, She moved to Hong Kong more than three years ago with her family.
Melissa Stevens, Editor, Expat Living
Marie Swarbreck, Founder, FLEXImums Marie Swarbreck is the founder of FLEXImums, a recruitment and coaching consultancy, focused on empowering women and Hong Kong corporations to strive for gender equity and work-life balance. Before devoting her time to FLEXImums, Marie started her career as an International Correspondent with the South China Morning Post, International Herald Tribune & The Asahi Shimbun meeting business leaders across Asia, Middle East, Europe and Canada. Driven by building relationships and connecting people, Marie went on building her network as the Communications & Business Development Manager with a leading international trade fair organiser across Asia. After her daughter Arabelle was born in Hong Kong during 2014, she found herself in need of flexible yet challenging work and little to no options to choose from. This was the beginning of a new adventure, the birth of FLEXImums. Marie together with her husband Sebastian and their two children, Arabelle and Jude, moved from HK island to South Lantau 4 years ago to combine the best of what Hong Kong has to give.
Marie Swarbreck, Founder, FLEXImums
Maura Thompson, Co-founder & Managing Director, Sassy Media Group Maura Thompson is the Co-founder of Sassy Media Group which operates the Sassy Mama and Sassy Pregnancy brands in Hong Kong and Singapore. With Sassy Mama and Sassy Pregnancy, she is passionate about providing invaluable local content to mamas and mamas-to-be so they can love parenting in their city.
Maura Thompson, Co-founder, Sassy Media Group
Andrew Work, MC & Moderator, NexChange & Harbour Times Andrew Work is the Head Content Strategist, Asia Pacific, for NexChange, a firm connecting professionals to financial services and innovation. He regularly MCs the world's leading fintech event series Fintech O2O. He is also the founder of Harbour Times, former Executive Director of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Co-founder of The Lion Rock Institute. He has been providing insight, excitement and entertainment as an MC and professional auctioneer in Hong Kong, Canada and across Asia for over a decade.
Andrew Work, MC & Moderator, NexChange & Harbour Times
Michelle Zhou McCulloch, Chiropractor and Founder & Owner, Up!Health Dr. Michelle Zhou McCulloch is an Australian Chiropractor as well as the Founder & Owner of UP!health, a Central-based multidisciplinary health clinic. She is passionate about providing chiropractic care to pregnant women which she considers as an essential element in preparing a woman’s body for birth. She also offers new baby assessments in order to give new-mamas additional tools that may help with breastfeeding, colic, reflux and flat head. She started UP!health almost 4 years ago with the vision of creating a unique and beautiful space that provides an array of complementary professional health services. Up!health focuses on the modern health challenges we face in our increasingly busy urban lives; providing Chiropractic care, TCM treatments, Muscle therapy, Kinesiology and Counselling.
Michelle Zhou McCulloch, Chiropractor and Founder & Owner, Up!Health

Super Daddies:

Philo Alto, Founder and CEO, Asia Value Advisors (AVA) Philo Alto (李 家 仁) is the founder and CEO of Asia Value Advisors (AVA), a purpose-driven philanthropic capital advisory firm based in Hong Kong. Philo was recently appointed as a member of the global editorial advisory board for Alliance magazine. He received his MBA and MPA from Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. His voluntary engagements include serving as a director and community engagement lead of the Harvard Club of Hong Kong, director of the Harvard Club of HK Education Fund (a section 88 HK NGO), global advisor of Social Ventures HK, and an officer of the HBS Association of HK. On a personal front, he strives to have an active presence in his five-year-old son’s life and he and his family are active members of Bring me a Book Hong Kong, a registered charity and the leading advocate of parent-child reading in Hong Kong.
Philo Alto, Founder and CEO, Asia Value Advisors (AVA)
Peter Williams, Business Treasury Head,	Citi Institutional Clients Group, Asia Pacific Peter has developed an international career in finance, investments, banking and treasury, starting in Australia, continuing to London, then Singapore and Hong Kong. Along the way he has continued to explore life-long learning and embrace the benefits of creativity, diversity and empathy. A serial volunteer, Peter is active across multiple local, regional, and global networks. He supports initiatives that promote education, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. An angel investor and mentor to several startup programs, including the Citi Mobile Challenge, Peter’s other passions include bicycle motocross, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, tennis and golf. Plus his wife and four children. Peter is president of The University of Chicago Booth School of Business alumni club in Hong Kong, and a director on the board of Music For Life International, a charity based in New York that creates transformative social impact through music; and Resolve Foundation, a new NGO aimed at making Hong Kong more inclusive.
Peter Williams, Business Treasury Head, Citi Institutional Clients Group, Asia Pacific

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Exclusive pampering services for moms including 
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Fun photo shoot experience at the pop up studio for families

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