Learn more about preventive health. Your healthcare options in Hong Kong and what to expect.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Physios in Hong Kong

    Physiotherapist adjusting a patient on a white table

    Whether you suffer from sports injuries, chronic pain, posture issues or post-operative pain, physiotherapy sessions are a great option to recover. If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Hong Kong, Healthy Matters brings you a comprehensive guide, with practical ...

  • How Can Chiropractic Help Babies?

    asian baby on a grey blanket having a massage

    Chiropractic in Hong Kong has become more popular. A growing number of pregnant women discover its benefits, too. In fact, this isn’t just about pregnancy health and mums’ recovery, it’s also about how newborns experience childbirth. We sat down with ...

  • The Best Health Documentaries on Netflix

    Best Health Documentaries on Netflix in Hong Kong

    While we all know that binge-watching Netflix is not the healthiest thing, these must-watch documentaries are both eye-opening and empowering. We at Healthy Matters have curated a list of the best health documentaries that Netflix has to offer right now. Forks ...

  • Your Guide to Dentists and Dental Clinics in Hong Kong

    Man smiling in a red shirt, showing his teeth. Dentist in Hong Kong

    Finding a dentist who fits your budget, needs and expectations can be a difficult task in Hong Kong. Unfortunately dental health is often neglected, but you better say “Aaaaah” before you have no choice but go to. Whether you are ...

  • Mental Health in Hong Kong: Seeing a Psychologist

    nspiring quote saying "Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations"; for mental health in Hong Kong

    We all experience stress at work, relationship difficulties or personal setbacks at some point. These may lead to a range of issues such as anxiety or depression. Reaching out for help and taking control of our mental health is a ...

  • Your Guide To Psychologists in Hong Kong

    Hands holding lights. Mental Health and Psychologists in Hong Kong

    Feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiety? Your mental health shouldn’t be left behind, and seeing a psychologist may be the right thing to do. We have prepared a practical guide to help you find the right psychologist in Hong Kong: ...

  • The 6 Best Apps to Monitor Air Quality in Hong Kong

    View of Hong Kong with high air pollution

    According to the World Health Organization, Hong Kong is ranked in the top 20% most polluted cities of the world. Poor air quality has become a serious health hazard to humans and the impact on human health continues to be ...

  • The Complete Guide to The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK)

    Family Planning Image

    The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) is a non-profit organization providing sexual and reproductive health services, education, training and resources, advocacy and communications. It also offers research and studies to the community of Hong Kong. FPAHK plays a major ...

  • Breast Cancer Symptoms and Screening Options in Hong Kong

    Woman lying on a pilates barrel

    Every October we are very proud to be supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer in Hong Kong is the number one cancer affecting women and the number three most frequent cancer affecting both men and women, alongside colon (one), ...

  • The Complete Guide to Body Checks in Hong Kong | Your Options at Every Age

    Body check graphs for male and female

    Are you planning to do a body check? Body checks help you identify problems before they start. Checking in with a doctor to assess your health means early, often asymptomatic, signs of disease can be caught early. Most non-communicable diseases, ...


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