Private Midwives and Doulas in Hong Kong

Looking for a midwife in Hong Kong? Midwifery is a regulated healthcare profession in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, midwives may conduct prenatal tests, prescribe medications and supplements, perform physical examinations and monitor the process of birth. Some private midwives choose to work independently and provide prenatal and postnatal care at a private clinic or at their patients’ home.


AnnerleyHulda Thorey
Susan Pollard
2983 1558
BabyCloud Hong KongPascale Maitre2521 3181
Mum’s the WorldMelanie Clough6778 9102
Urban HatchSofie Jacobs5970 7890
Wellness & BirthKarin Siegler
Beatriz Ponce de Leon Conesa
9022 1779
9mois etcEugénie Vallot-Perraud9466 1902


Unlike midwives, doulas in Hong Kong are not part of any regulated profession. A doula is a non medical professional who assists women before, during, or after childbirth by providing physical assistance and emotional support.
A Mother's TouchLiz Purnell-Web9086 9477
Mother Nurture HKMolly Grenham5305 6164
All amounts are in HKD. The information on this page was updated on June 28, 2019. While every care has been taken to ensure its accuracy, no responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions. It is always best to call ahead to make sure the information is still up-to-date.
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