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Stay up to date with trending health topics in Hong Kong. Our HK Health section covers a range of topics that are relevant from innovative health-tech products to current health issues such as a where and when to get your flu shot in Hong Kong.

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Pregnant, Working Moms in Hong Kong: Do You Know Your Maternity Rights?

If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant in Hong Kong, you should know about your pregnancy rights. We’ve delved into the nitty gritty law jargon to make your maternity rights clear and concise and had the content verified by a lawyer. From maternity leave to discrimination, we at Healthy Matters cover it all!… Read More

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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Paternity Leave in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, fathers are currently entitled to a 3-day paternity leave. According to Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s 2017 policy address to the Legislative Council, the statutory paternity leave will be increased to 5 days – but this social initiative has not yet been adopted. Here is your Healthy Matters guide to everything you should… Read More

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世上有沒有一項習慣比用綿花棒清潔耳朵更舒適?當然我們可以再聯想到幾樣,但綿花棒挖耳絕對是其中之一。然而醫生指用綿花棒清潔耳朵會引起一種「癢抓循環」,人越感到痕癢,身體會釋放組織胺,讓人忍耐不禁要抓癢,倒頭來卻使人更覺痕癢,因此香港耳鼻喉科醫生何大偉醫生提醒大家應盡快戒除用綿花棒清潔耳朵的習慣… Read More

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It’s a First on Hong Kong Island! Private Hospital Opens 24-Hour Emergency Services

On December 15, 2017, the Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital announced the opening of its round-the-clock emergency services. This makes the Gleneagles the only private hospital on HK Island to provide emergency care with a team of Emergency Medicine specialists. The only other private hospital providing such services is Union Hospital in Shatin which opened its… Read More

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