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Man with glasses drinking coffee

Top 9 Male Fertility Myths

In Hong Kong, it is estimated that about one in six couples faces difficulty conceiving. As more couples have children later in life, particularly in their late 30s and 40s, many encounter fertility issues. While people think that most fertility problems are unique to women, around 40% of infertility cases are attributed to men. We… Read More

Pregnant mother reading with her daughter

Influenza Vaccination During Pregnancy | Risks & Benefits

In Hong Kong, pregnant women are one of the priority groups eligible to receive the influenza vaccination according to The Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases. The Government has introduced free/subsidized flu vaccines for pregnant women to promote vaccination but to also protect pregnant women from the influenza (“the flu”) and its complications. In Hong… Read More

Mature man reads about colonoscopy

The Complete Guide to Colonoscopy in Hong Kong

Learn the basics and importance of colonoscopy in Hong Kong with Dr. Ernest Li 李恒輝醫生 a private practice Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist based in Hong Kong. Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer in Hong Kong. It afflicts a large portion of the population and is most commonly seen in people aged 50 or above. Colon… Read More

View of Hong Kong with high levels of pollution

The 6 Best Apps to Monitor Air Quality in Hong Kong

According to the World Health Organization, Hong Kong is ranked in the top 20% most polluted cities of the world. Poor air quality has become a serious health hazard to humans and the impact on human health continues to be recognized as the invisible killer. Air pollution causes 24% of stroke deaths, 25% of heart… Read More

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong

The Complete Guide to Queen Elizabeth Hospital 伊利沙伯醫院 in Hong Kong

Here is a comprehensive guide to Queen Elizabeth Hospital 伊利沙伯醫院 in Hong Kong: maternity, A&E, inpatient services, outpatient services, costs and more.   What is Queen Elizabeth Hospital? Queen Elizabeth Hospital opened in 1963 and is the largest of Hong Kong’s 43 public hospitals. Like other public hospitals, it is under the supervision of the… Read More

Woman with runny nose

Afraid of Needles? Try the Only Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine in Hong Kong

FluMist Quadrivalent is the only type of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIC) available on the market in Hong Kong. It was once available from 2009 to 2013 but was discontinued after 2013. It was registered again in Hong Kong in April 2018. Due to the heavy burden of influenza and the high demand for flu… Read More

Happy New Year 2019

9 New Year Health Resolutions for a Healthier and Happier 2019

Everyone wants to live longer, healthier lives. The only way to achieve this is by taking a proactive attitude towards your health. Start off with our top 9 health resolutions for the New Year in 2019!   New Year Resolution 1 – Schedule a Teeth Cleaning Did you know that 97.5% of adults between ages… Read More

Family Planning Image

The Complete Guide to The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK)

The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong (FPAHK) is a non-profit organization providing sexual and reproductive health services, education, training and resources, advocacy and communications. It also offers research and studies to the community of Hong Kong. FPAHK plays a major role in providing Hong Kong people with primary sexual and reproductive health care. As… Read More

Canossa Hospital Photo

The Complete Guide to Canossa Hospital (Caritas) 嘉諾撒醫院 in Hong Kong

Looking to visit a private hospital in Hong Kong for shorter wait lines and more personalised options? Here is a comprehensive guide to Canossa Hospital (Caritas) on Old Peak Road 嘉諾撒醫院 in Hong Kong.   What is Canossa Hospital (Caritas)? If you are interested in private healthcare and live near the Mid-Levels area, you may… Read More

Two women in 40s and 50s talking

Chinese Medicine for Women: Helping Through Perimenopause & Menopause

lInterested to know more about Traditional Chinese Medicine? Although, Hong Kong and Chinese women tend to report far lower rates of menopausal symptoms than their Western counterparts, typical symptoms for both peri-menopause and menopause include; irregular periods, hot flashes which may lead to sleep issues, mood changes, vaginal and bladder issues due to hormonal changes,… Read More

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