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What You Need to Know About Medical Care During a Typhoon

As much as the Hong Kong government tries their best to keep everyone safe and sound, life doesn’t stop when a typhoon hits. What if you have a scheduled surgery or facing a medical emergency? We bring you clarity on medical care in a typhoon or black rain signal.     PRIVATE HEALTH SECTOR MEDICAL… Read More

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Post-Partum Mental Health Providers in Hong Kong

Overcoming the challenges of new motherhood is not easy. Mental health challenges are common in the first few weeks and months of the post-partum period. In Hong Kong, 40% to 80% of women will experience the ‘baby blues’ and 10% will experience post-partum depression (PPD). This is a guide to public and private providers of… Read More

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Ambulances in Hong Kong | Who Are You Going To Call In Case of Emergency?

Ambulances have paramedics on board and are able to stabilize patients in a serious condition prior to arriving at a hospital. In Hong Kong, there are two emergency ambulance providers: 999 and St John’s Ambulance.   Call 999 for an ambulance to drive you to a public hospital A&E Calling 999 will give you access… Read More

Your Guide to Fertility Treatments in Hong Kong

The first thing to know about assisted reproductive treatment (ART) in Hong Kong is that only legally married couples – not same sex couples – are able to access these services. Consent from both partners is required. The great divide between the public and private providers when looking at accessing fertility services is costs, waiting… Read More

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Medical Emergency Services in Hong Kong | Where to Go and How to Get There

Unless you’re a medical professional, it’s not easy to determine what type of emergency you’re facing and where you should go to find help. This is the Healthy Matters’ guide to finding help in a medical emergency in Hong Kong. We’ve organized this article based on the level of emergency you might be facing.  … Read More

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Eye Tests for Children | When and Where to Go in Hong Kong

Vision is a crucial part of learning and developing as children grow and explore their world. A child’s visual system grows and develops from being able to see in fuzzy black and white as a newborn to fully mature at the age of eight. So, at what age should children first visit an eye expert… Read More

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Your Guide to Egg Freezing in Hong Kong | What Women Need to Know About Preserving Their Fertility

No quite ready to have children yet but worried about your future fertility? Whether you are focused on your career or haven’t found the right partner, egg freezing – oocyte cryopreservation – preserves a woman’s eggs so she can try to conceive at a later date. Healthy Matters brings you a complete guide to egg… Read More

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It’s a First on Hong Kong Island! Private Hospital Opens 24-Hour Emergency Services

On December 15, 2017, the Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital announced the opening of its round-the-clock emergency services. This makes the Gleneagles the only private hospital on HK Island to provide emergency care with a team of Emergency Medicine specialists. The only other private hospital providing such services is Union Hospital in Shatin which opened its… Read More

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Best Breastfeeding Resources in Hong Kong

Whether your goal is to breastfeed for just a few weeks or more than a year, arming yourself with knowledge and preparation is key to your success. Here are some the most helpful resources for expectant parents and breastfeeding mothers in Hong Kong.     Breastfeeding preparation before baby arrives One of the main reasons… Read More

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STD Screening | Your Options in Hong Kong

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are not something most people openly discuss or like to think about, but today is World AIDS day, thus the perfect time to talk about it! Because STD symptoms can go unnoticed, it is extremely important to get tested if you had unprotected sex and think that you may be at risk of… Read More

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