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Expert Advisory Board

Healthy Matters content is trusted because it is independent and verified by medical doctors and health experts.

Expert Advisory Board Members

Medical Doctors
Dr. Nicola Chan 陳珮瑤醫生 (Dermatologist)
Dr. Patrick Chan 陳世樂醫生 (Gynecologist Obstetrician)
Dr. Richie Chan 陳肖龍醫生 (Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. Zara Chan 陳駱靈岫醫生 (Gynecologist Obstetrician)
Dr. Eddie Cheung 張蔚賢醫生 (Pediatrician)
Dr. Vera Chung 鍾楊醫生 (Urologist)
Dr. Alexander K. Doo 杜堅能醫生 (Gynecologist Obstetrician)
Dr. David Ho 何志謙醫生 (Otorhinolaryngologist)
Dr. Edmund Hon 韓慶璋醫生 (Gynecologist Obstetrician)
Dr. Stephen Hui 許漢琳醫生 (Pediatrician)
Dr. Assad Hussain 程浩生醫生 (Anesthetist)
Dr. Fanny Lam 林蕙芬醫生 (Specialist in Developmental-Behavioural Pediatrics)
Dr. Kevin Lau 劉仲恒醫生 (Radiologist)
Dr. Selina Pang 彭敏華醫生 (Gynecologist Obstetrician)
Dr. Michael Rogers 羅傑士醫生 (Gynecologist Obstetrician)
Dr. Jennifer Sihoe 司徒達燕醫生 (Pediatric Surgeon)
Dr. Oliver Tang 鄧秀碩醫生 (Pediatrician)
Dr. Michelle Tsui 徐行悅醫生 (Gynecologist Obstetrician)
Dr. Lily Wong 黃淑婷醫生 (General Practitioner)
Dr. Adrian Wu 鄔揚源醫生 (Immunologist & Allergist)
Dr. Mei Mei Yip 葉美美醫生 (General Practitioner)

Dr. Raymond Lee 李健民牙醫 (Dentist)
Dr. Paul Leung 梁仲弘牙醫 (Dentist)
Dr. Jonathan Lui 雷威鴻醫 (Periodontist)
Dr. Louise Wong 黃淑興牙醫 (Orthodontist)

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners
Michelle Law 羅佩雯註冊中醫
William Lo 盧文健註冊中醫

No fees are paid or services rendered in exchange of inclusion on the expert advisory board. 

All members participate on a volunteer basis with the aim of empowering the public with better health information. 


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