Dr. Wong Kit Yee Lavinia

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Physiotherapists in Hong Kong

Languages: Cantonese, English

Tin Hau - Humansa Rehabilitation and Wellness Enhancement service – HK Island

G/F, 1 Gordon Road, Tin Hau

2845 7177

Services: Acupuncture, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Geriatrics Rehabilitation, MusculoSkeletal Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Health and Rehabilitation, Paediatrics Rehabilitation, Incontinence and Constipation Rehabilitation, Pain rehabilitation, Therapeutic wellness, Personalized treatment

Qualifications: Registered Physiotherapist: Registered Physiotherapist (HK) : PT100245|Master of Science in Health Care (Physiotherapy)(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)|Professional Diploma in Physiotherapy (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)|Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture