Dr. Fung Tai-Hang, Thomas

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Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors in Hong Kong

Languages: Cantonese, English

Central - Fung Tai Hang Clinic (Central)

Room 3A, 16/F, 9 Queen’s Road Central

2984 1628

[email protected]

Services: General ENT, Ear Grommet Insertion, Rhinology and laryngology, Nasoendoscopy (Flexible HD videoscope and Rigid), Laryngeal/Vocal Cord, Minimal invasive radiofrequency nasal obstruction and snoring surgery, Control of nasal bleeding, Tonsillectomy, Vocal cord surgery, Endoscopic Surgery for sinusitis and nasal obstruction, Head and neck surgery, Neck/parotid/Thyroid Ultrasound/Fine Needle Biopsy and screening, nasal cavity/tongue/oral cavity/larynx/ salivary glands, Facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, skin lesion/ cancer and plastic reconstruction of face, Robotic Head and Neck Surgery, Transoral surgery for cancer and sleep surgery, retroauricular Neck/ thyroid surgery

Qualifications: MB ChB (CUHK) | MRCSEd|FHKCORL | FHKAM (Otorhinolaryngology) | FRCSEd(ORL) | PGDipClinDerm (Lond)