Dr. Kwong Kam Tim William

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General Practitioners in Hong Kong

Languages: Cantonese, English, Putonghua

Wong Tai Sin - Ever Health Medical Centre

G/F, 7 Yuk Wah Crescent, Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon

2322 2283

[email protected]

Services: Contraception pin / post-coital contraception, and examination of the pregnant / pass through / menstruation, Bronchial asthma atomization treatment, blood tests / X-ray / ultrasound, high blood pressure / diabetes / cholesterol management, pre-inspection of domestic helpers, children enrolled in check, Helicobacter pylori Quicktesting, STD examination and treatment, treatment of viral warts frozen, wound cleaning, trauma stitches surgery, ear wax cleaning, acne treatment, hair loss treatment, gray a, athlete's foot treatment

Qualifications: MBChB (CUHK)|DCH (Sydney)|DipClinDerm (Lond)|DipMed (CUHK)