Dr. Kwok Sau Ping Kukuli

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Physiotherapists in Hong Kong

Languages: Cantonese, English

Tsuen Wan - Prime Rehabilitation Services (Tsuen Wan)

Flat 804, 8/F, Nam Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Peak Road (Tsuen Wan), Tsuen Wan, New Territories

3427 9795

[email protected]

Services: Acupuncture, Hand Injury Therapy, Manipulative Therapy, MusculoSkeletal Rehabilitation, Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Incontinence and Constipation Rehabilitation

Qualifications: Master of Science in Manipulative|Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy|Professional Diploma in Acupuncture|Cert. Fitness Ball Instructor|Registered Physiotherapist: PT101359