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In Hong Kong, Hospital Authority (HA) manages all public sector hospitals and clinics, which include 43 public hospitals and institutions, 49 Specialist Out-patient Clinics (SOPCs), and 73 General Out-patient Clinics (GOPCs). The Hong Kong government is heavily funding the public sector due to the ageing population and increased demands on the healthcare system in Hong Kong, providing comprehensive and “near-free” service to local residents.


Hospital Authority Patients Eligibility

Patients at Hospital Authority are divided into 3 types of charges depending on their eligibility:

  1. Public charges – Eligible Persons (holders of HKID)
  2. Public charges – Non-eligible Persons (non-holders of a HKID)
  3. Private charges (for both holders and non-holders of a HKID)

Eligible persons refer to Hong Kong permanent residents and holders of a Hong Kong Identity Card issued under the Registration of Persons Ordinance (Chapter 177), children who are Hong Kong residents and under 11 years of age and other persons approved by the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority. 


Non-eligible persons refer to non-permanent residents not holding a Hong Kong Identity Card, Chinese mainland residents, and tourists travelling in Hong Kong. 


In June 2017, the fees and charges of public hospital services provided by the Hospital Authority were increased in order to balance promoting appropriate use of services, encouraging diversion of less urgent Accident & Emergency patients, and addressing the financial burden of the public.

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Hospital Authority Services and Charges

1. Public charges for eligible persons

Official ServicesFees in HKD
Accident & Emergency$180 per attendance
Inpatient (acute general beds)$75 admission fee, $120 per day
Inpatient (convalescent/rehabilitation, infirmary & psychiatric beds)$100 per day
Specialist outpatient (including allied health clinic)$135 for the 1st attendance, $80 per subsequent attendance, $15 per drug item
General outpatient$50 per attendance
Dressing or injection$19 per attendance
Psychiatric day hospital$60 per attendance
Geriatric day hospital$60 per attendance
Rehabilitation day hospital$55 per attendance
Day procedure and treatment at Clinical Oncology Clinic or Renal Clinic$96 per attendance
Day procedure and treatment in ambulatory facility$195 per attendance
Community nursing service (general)$80 per visit
Community nursing service (psychiatric)Free of charge
Community allied health service$80 per visit


For details click here.


2. Public charges for non-eligible persons

Official ServicesFees in HKD
Accident & Emergency$1,230 per attendance
Inpatient (general hospitals)$5,100 per day
Inpatient (psychiatric hospitals)$2,340 per day
Intensive care ward/unit$24,400 per day
High dependency ward/unit$13,650 per day
Nursery$1,340 per day

Obstetric package charge

For booked cases, includes

  • one antenatal checkup; 
  • delivery/delivery care service; and
  • three days (two nights) hospitalization in a public general ward related to the delivery/delivery care service

Obstetric package charge

For non-booked cases or patients who have not undergone any antenatal checkup provided by HA during the pregnancy concerned, includes

  • delivery/delivery care service; and
  • three days (two nights) hospitalization in a public general ward related to the delivery/delivery care service


Specialist outpatient (including allied health clinic) $1,190 per attendance
General outpatient$445 per attendance
Dressing or injection$100 per attendance
Day procedure and treatment for hemodialysis at a Renal Clinic/Centre or other ambulatory facility$3,000 per attendance (chronic), $6,000 per attendance (acute)
Day procedure and treatment at Clinical Oncology Clinic$895 per attendance
Day procedure and treatment at Ophthalmic Clinic$725 per attendance
Day procedure and treatment in ambulatory facility$5,100 per attendance
Psychiatric day hospital$1,260 per attendance
Geriatric day hospital$1,960 per attendance
Rehabilitation day hospital$1,320 per attendance
Community nursing service (general)$535 per visit
Community nursing service (psychiatric)$1,550 per visit
Community allied health service$1,730 per visit


For details, click here. 

3. Private charges in Hong Kong's Public Hospitals

Patients can receive private services within the public sector which may include charges for general nursing, core pathology investigations, catering, and domestic services. Private charges for newborns also cover basic examination by obstetricians, and basic immunization and injections. 


Patients referred from private medical practitioners or discharged from private wards and attending designated private specialist outpatient sessions will be charged a private outpatient consultation fee as follows: 


(i) For initial consultation $790 – $2,210 

(ii) For each subsequent follow up consultation $640 – $1,990


The private services provided by the Hospital Authority include:

  1. Pathology Services
  2. Radiology Services
  3. Diagnostic/therapeutic procedures
  4. Operations
  5. Rehabilitation and Outreach Services

For further information on each service, click here. 


Office ServicesFees in HKD
Inpatient (acute hospitals)$6,650 per day (1st class), $4,430 per day (2nd class)
Inpatient (other hospitals)$6,120 per day (1st class), $4,080 per day (2nd class)
Intensive care ward/unit$15,350 per day
High dependency ward/unit$9,500 per day
Nursery$1,190 per day
Inpatient medical attendance/consultation (per specialty)$680-$2,210 per visit
Outpatient consultation$790-$2,210 per attendance (initial consultation), $640-$1,990 per attendance (subsequent follow up consultation)
Minor nursing procedures (such as dressing or injection)$360 per attendance


Find the list of private services here. 


Patients suffering from or suspected to be suffering from the diseases specified under the prevailing International Health Regulations (IHR), and admitted to a public hospital will not be charged for medical treatment or maintenance. Find the specified list of diseases under IHR of the World Health Organisation here

Hospital Authority additional fees

→ For persons accompanying a patient and occupying a bed, the following daily maintenance fee will apply:

  • Eligible persons:

(i) Acute general beds: $120 

(ii) Convalescent/Rehabilitation, Infirmary and Psychiatric beds: $100

  • Non-eligible persons: $810

→ Dental treatment will be provided by hospitals and clinics to those patients in need of emergency dental treatment or dental treatment as an essential part of their medical treatment. In addition to maintenance and/or attendance fees, patients will have to pay for prosthetic appliances at a charge to be determined by the dental officers of the hospital/clinic.

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Are public hospitals in Hong Kong free?

Most services at public hospitals in Hong Kong charges a minimal cost if you are a holder of HKID. For non-HKID holders or certain privately charged services, however, the medical cost can be more expensive.

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This article was independently written by Healthy Matters and is not sponsored. It is informative only and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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