Complete 2020 Guide to Evangel Hospital 播道醫院 in Hong Kong

Looking to visit a private hospital in Hong Kong for shorter wait lines and more personalised options? Here is your comprehensive, independent guide to Evangel Hospital 播道醫院 in Hong Kong.

Special COVID-19 Measures

Here are the measures Evangel Hospital is taking for COVID-19. If you test positive for coronavirus, you will be sent to a public hospital in Hong Kong. For more information on COVID-19 testing in Hong Kong, check out our complete guide.


Evangel Hospital was established by the Chinese Christian Evangelical Society in the 1950s to bring accessible healthcare services to the Kowloon City communities. The board of Evangel Hospital includes people elected by the Evangelical Free Church of China who are also responsible for all of the hospital’s operations. The goal of this hospital is to treat patients with a “holistic healing” perspective: physical, mental and spiritual aspects. As a religious hospital, there is a pastoral department with religious services available.

Evangel Hospital is a non-profit organization where patients are first consulted by family doctors and when needed, referred to specialists for further diagnosis and treatment. Indeed, there is a focus on primary care and inpatient services including general medicine, gynecology, neurosurgery and many more. Evangel Hospital has four well-equipped operating rooms and four state-of-the-art endoscopy suites. It is well-known by people living on the Kowloon side.

Community service at Evangel Hospital

An important aspect of Evangel is its services in the communities through its community clinic, Chinese Medicine clinic, optometric center, and psychological assessment & counseling centers located in Shatin, To Kwa Wan and Kowloon City.

Evangel Hospital – Shatin Clinic:

Address: Unit 1317, Level 13, Tower 1, Grand Central Plaza, Shatin, New Territories.
Tel: 2699 1113 / 2699 1369 (By appointment only)

Evangel Hospital – Psychological Assessment & Counseling Centre:

Address: G/F, 2 Sung Wong Toi Road, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon
Tel: 2176 0222

Evangel Hospital – Optometric Centre:
Address: Shop 15, G/F, Chi Chun Lau, Chun Seen Mei Chuen, Fu Ning Street, Kowloon City
Tel: 2526 5308

Chinese Medicine Clinic of Evangel Hospital:
Address: Shop 45, G/F, Chi Chun Lau, Chun Seen Mei Chuen, Fu Ning Street, Kowloon City
Tel: 2762 2218


You can review all the prices at Evangel Hospital here.

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What are the main areas of expertise?

  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Oncology, Dermatology
  • Pain Management
  • Psychiatry
  • Gastrointestinal and Hepatology
  • Breast/Weight Loss/Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
  • Gynecology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Brain Surgery
  • Urology

Inpatient services and room charges (costs) 

Semi-private single rooms were introduced recently for more comfort to patients staying overnight. These rooms come with individual bedside audio and video systems, free broadband and WIFI service, chaplaincy service and a free personal admission kit. If you would like a more affordable option, Evangel also has mixed wards with double rooms and 3-5 bedded rooms.

Here are the room charges for the different room types:

Room Type Daily Room Charge (HK$)
Private 1850
Semi-Private Single 1400
Semi-Private 1000
General Ward (3-5 beds) 680

For more information, click here.

Diagnostic services 

Evangel Hospital has a wide range of diagnostic services available, including:

Endoscopy services 

Evangel Hospital provides advanced endoscopy and imaging services with highly qualified specialists. Services include direct and precise screening, diagnosis, and treatment. This center offers a gastroenterological examination, gynecological examination as well as laparoscopic surgery or hysteroscopic surgery. For more information, click here or call 2711 5222.


The surgical equipment includes a newly renovated operation theatre. Operating theatres are equipped for general surgery, gynecology, orthopedic surgery, ENT surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, urology surgery, eye surgery and maxillofacial surgery. In addition, its equipment also allows for many general minimal invasive laparoscopic procedures as well as metabolic and obesity surgery. For more information, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, call 2711 5222.

Medical checkups and prices 

It is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of your health. Evangel offers several medical check-ups. The most complete plan is the superior comprehensive plan priced at $13,255 for males and $15,075 for females. It covers tests for conditions from visual acuity to HIV. Aside from the superior comprehensive plan, there are 8 other plans you can choose from. These medical checkup plans range from HK$1,280 to HK$6,010. For more information about each plan, click here.

How is medical insurance coverage at Evangel Hospital?

Nearly all medical insurance providers in Hong Kong cover treatments by Evangel Hospital: Aetna, AIA, AXA, ALC, A Plus International, April, Bupa, Cigna, FWD, Generali, Liberty Insurance, Prudential, Manulife, Now Health, William Russell, etc.

Do I have the right medical insurance in Hong Kong?

Looking for health insurance? Contact AD MediLink today at [email protected] or +852 2606 2668 for a quote with expert and unbiased advice. The AD MediLink team is expert in medical insurance and uniquely trained on the Hong Kong healthcare system (public and private) to answer all your questions.

How to get to Evangel Hospital?

Location: 222 Argyle Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong

To get there: MTR plus shuttle bus or minibus, car or taxi; find directions to Evangel Hospital and to the community clinics here.

If you want to learn more about Evangel Hospital in Hong Kong, visit its website here

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