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Want to be healthy and help your body prepare to pregnancy? Learn about the benefits of chiropractic, osteopathy and naturopathy before pregnancy as we share exclusive excerpts from Healthy Matters’ The Hong Kong Maternity & Baby Book, the must-have book on maternity in Hong Kong. Everything you need from pre-pregnancy to baby's first year.


Three ways chiropractic care can help you with before pregnancy

By Dr. Kamilla Holst, Chiropractor, Drs B S Vaughan & Associates

  1. Keeping your nervous system healthy by reducing stress on the spinal nerves, which relates to how your body responds to and prepares for pregnancy. Your nervous system controls your reproductive organs.
  2. Promoting self-healing and improving your sleep, which are important aspects of prenatal care.
  3. Supporting in vitro fertilization (IVF) by facilitating changes that result in improved function and physiology of the reproductive system.

Three ways osteopathic care can help you with before pregnancy

By Inès De Beer, Osteopath, The Round Clinic

  1. Ensuring optimal alignment of the pelvis and lower spine. A tension-free pelvis and lower back is necessary to ensure adequate mobility in the joints to increase the size of the pelvic outlet where the baby passes.
  2. Treating past injuries to the body, especially to the pelvic and lower back, to ensure there are no preexisting or underlying restrictions that may cause problems later in the pregnancy.
  3. Maximizing the flexibility of joints, muscles and soft tissues will help you achieve an optimal, carefree pregnancy.

Three ways naturopathic care can help you with before pregnancy

By Dr. Katherine Dale, Naturopathic Doctor

  1. Balancing hormones and regulating the menstrual cycle. In order to achieve pregnancy you need to understand when you are fertile. Your body gives you signs to tell you when you are ovulating. Naturopathy helps balance your hormones, teaches you about your cycle and improves your ovulation.
  2. Guiding you to detoxify your body. Cleansing your body and releasing toxins will help you get pregnant. By doing a detox you provide a healthier environment for your growing baby. When your body is free of toxins, your baby will be healthier during pregnancy and after delivery.
  3. Ensuring you have the necessary nutrients. Using foods and supplements will improve the health of the mother and growing child during pregnancy and after labor. Nutrients can assist in reducing the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy and improve outcomes of the newborn.

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