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Here is Everything You Need to Know About Paternity Leave in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, fathers are currently entitled to a 3-day paternity leave. According to Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s 2017 policy address to the Legislative Council, the statutory paternity leave will be increased to 5 days – but this social initiative has not yet been adopted. Here is your Healthy Matters guide to everything you should… Read More

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與Marie Marchand對談:如何處理子女間的衝突

在我們舉辦的兒科和家庭教育活動中,「子女間的衝突」是其中一個最熱門的話題。如果家長育有最少兩名孩童,會深明兄弟姊妹間衝突的內容,而且嫉妒、競爭和打架會使所有人感到瘋狂。不過,我們應如何處理這種關係,並營造更好的家庭環境?我們特別徵求家庭教育專家Marie Marchand的意見。 擁有兄弟姊妹有甚麼好處?… Read More

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Your Child Won’t Listen? Parenting Expert Shares Tips to Turn Things Around

“Stop!”, “Don’t go there!”, “Don’t touch this!”, “Don’t do that!”, “No! No! No!” – If this sounds familiar and your child isn’t cooperating, you are not alone. We asked parenting expert Marie Marchand to share some simple tools to get your child to listen and one of them is positive language.     Too much… Read More

Poster Character Day

Interview with Christine Ma-Lau on Teaching Character

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King Jr.   1. What is character training and how do you teach character to children? Character training or education is the systematic framework and method of helping people understand and develop character strengths, such as courage, gratitude, respect and responsibility. Ways… Read More

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