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Learn more about kids' health. Your healthcare options in Hong Kong and what to expect.
  • Why Is Cough Syrup Unsafe For Children?

    Young girl coughing with face mask

    It’s inevitable that at some point, your children will come down with a cough. Hearing them suffering with a cough, particularly through the night, can be a painful thing to listen to as a parent. We checked in with family ...

  • The Complete Guide to Child Adoption in Hong Kong

    Child putting a fake piece of toast in its mouth

    Adoption is a big decision and is often a lengthy process. You can adopt a child from Hong Kong or a child who is overseas. Both options follow a similar procedure, but adopting an overseas child may be more complicated ...

  • China’s Vaccination Scandal and What it Means for Vaccines in Hong Kong

    Young asian girl getting vaccinated

    The last vaccine scandal in China has caused a social media storm and anxiety amongst parents. In Hong Kong, a surge in demand for vaccines occured.     What has been this vaccination scandal in China? It was revealed that a company called Changsheng ...

  • Interview with Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) Dr. David Ho

    Asian boy holding his ear

    Otorhinolaryngology. Hard to spell indeed but you probably know what this is about. Otorhinolaryngology (the study of ENT: Ears, Nose and Throat) is one of the most in-demand medical specializations in the world. ENT medical treatment is particularly important in children, as common ...

  • Baby Eczema in Hong Kong | Causes, Treatments and Prevention

    Mother holding her baby

    Atopic dermatitis, commonly called eczema is one of the most common childhood ailments, occurring in 10-20% of babies. This non-contagious rash usually improves when children reach school age and occurs because the skin is lacking natural moisturizing factors and has ...

  • Interview with a Pediatrician on Child Immunisation in Hong Kong

    Child pulling a funny face

    As child vaccination programmes differ from one country to another, expat parents should be extra vigilant about their children’s vaccine updates and immunisation records. Pediatrician Simon Wong 黄智安 kindly accepted to give us the lowdown on both public and private child immunisation options in Hong Kong. Are any vaccines ...

  • Dr. Carrie Tse on Children’s Dental Health in Hong Kong

    Asian little girl brushing her teeth

    Did you know that in Hong Kong, two out of five kindergarten children have tooth decay? Studies conducted by the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Dentistry show that despite a slight decline over the years, rates of child dental caries ...

  • Breastfeeding Guide: How Much & How Often at Every Age | From Birth to Toddlerhood

    Baby with hand in mouth

    Whether you aim to breastfeed for a few days or for several months, you are probably asking yourself how much and how often you should feed your child. Here is your expert breastfeeding guide from Healthy Matters, covering every breastfeeding ...

  • Children Ear Infections in Hong Kong: What Parents Should Know

    Toddler boy touching ear because of pain

    Middle ear infections (Otitis Media) are very common in young children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old. While they are not alarming and not contagious, they can bring your child a lot of pain and discomfort. ...

  • Expert Advice on Helping your Child Cope with Earache on Airplanes

    Mother and baby sitting in airplane

    If you think being near a crying baby on a flight is a fate worse than death, you haven’t been the parent of that screaming child. With a little preparation, it’s possible to stave off ear pain. We checked in ...



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