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Learn more about kids' health. Your healthcare options in Hong Kong and what to expect.
  • Your Orthodontic Care Options in Hong Kong

    Mother with braces laughing with boy son

    Dentistry is a broad medical field and while the ultimate goal is to improve oral health, there are differences between dentistry and orthodontists. The main point to note is that orthodontists specialize in treatments such as correcting misaligned teeth and ...

  • Where To See an Allergy Doctor in Hong Kong

    Toddler boy sneezing

    Did you know Hong Kong does not have enough allergy specialists? According to the Hong Kong Medical Journal, the city is sorely underserved by allergists. Most people with allergies will be managed by their general practitioner or an organ-specific doctor ...

  • Schoolgirls To Be Vaccinated Against HPV in Hong Kong’s Fight Against Cervical Cancer

    Normal endocervical cells and squamous epithelial cells of cervical human

    The Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world and cervical cancer is by far the most common HPV-related disease. High-risk strains of HPV are the predominant cause of 70% of cervical cancer cases which ...

  • The Ultimate Guide to Common Allergies in Hong Kong

    Dandelion against sunset with seeds

    Allergic diseases are on the rise all over the world. These include rhinitis, food allergies, drug allergies, and eczema. In collaboration with immunology and allergy specialist Dr. Adrian Wu 鄔揚源醫生, Healthy Matters is bringing you the ultimate guide to common ...

  • Children Ear Infections: What Every Parent Should Know

    Toddler boy touching ear because of pain

    Middle ear infections (Otitis Media) are very common in young children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years old. While they are not alarming and not contagious, they can bring your child a lot of pain and discomfort. ...

  • China’s Vaccination Scandal and What It Means to Hong Kong’s Vaccine Supply

    Young asian girl getting vaccinated

    A new vaccine scandal in China has caused a social media storm and anxiety amongst parents. In Hong Kong, a surge in demand for vaccines is expected.     What is the latest vaccination scandal in China? It was revealed that a company called ...

  • Why Is Cough Syrup Unsafe For Children?

    Young girl coughing with face mask

    It’s inevitable that at some point, your children will come down with a cough. Hearing them suffering with a cough, particularly through the night, can be a painful thing to listen to as a parent. We checked in with family ...

  • Everything You Need to Know About Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Hong Kong

    Parent attentively looking at child's hand

    Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common childhood disease that is most prevalent in Hong Kong from May to July, and October to December.   We spoke to pediatrician Dr. June Chan 陳善珩醫生 about what to look out for during ...

  • Expert Advice on Helping your Child Cope with Earache on Airplanes

    Mother and baby sitting in airplane

    If you think being near a crying baby on a flight is a fate worse than death, you haven’t been the parent of that screaming child. With a little preparation, it’s possible to stave off ear pain. We checked in ...

  • Kids’ Travel First Aid Kit | What Every Parent Should Pack

    Kids’ Travel First Aid Kit | What Every Parent Should Pack

    Travelling with kids is stressful enough. And while we want to encourage their adventurous side, sometimes that comes with a few injuries along the way. Especially when we’re on the road (or plane, train or automobile), we want to make ...


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