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Father teaching son to ride a bicycle

Here is How to Voice Fair & Effective Consequences to Teach Children Positive Lessons

Consequences should be designed to teach a positive lesson, not to punish. Parents need to think carefully about their tone of voice and demeanor, and remember to be respectful as they are role models. It’s easy for a frustrated parent to lose their cool and say something fast without really thinking about it. These quick… Read More

Toddler taking her own temperature

A Hong Kong Pediatrician’s Guide to Common Infectious Diseases in the Preschool Years

As a parent, it’s always hard to see your little one sick. It’s inevitable that they will pick up their fair share of coughs, colds and rashes in their early years. We spoke to Dr. Eddie Cheung 張蔚賢醫生 about the importance of building immunity and a guide to the most common early childhood disease to… Read More

Three Asian children running on a grassfield

與Marie Marchand對談:如何處理子女間的衝突

在我們舉辦的兒科和家庭教育活動中,「子女間的衝突」是其中一個最熱門的話題。如果家長育有最少兩名孩童,會深明兄弟姊妹間衝突的內容,而且嫉妒、競爭和打架會使所有人感到瘋狂。不過,我們應如何處理這種關係,並營造更好的家庭環境?我們特別徵求家庭教育專家Marie Marchand的意見。 擁有兄弟姊妹有甚麼好處?… Read More

Asian girl with coloured glasses on with her mouth open

How Much Should Your Child Move, Sleep and Sit During the Day?

A 2017 study conducted by the University of Hong Kong revealed that the rate of screen use in Hong Kong kids is “alarming”, particularly in preschool age children. They spend more time in front of screens, less time being physically active, and go to bed later than their counterparts around the world. Overuse of digital… Read More

Asian boy holding his ear

ENT Interview with Dr. David Ho

Otorhinolaryngology. Hard to spell indeed but you probably know what this is about. Otorhinolaryngology (the study of ENT: Ears, Nose and Throat) is one of the most in-demand medical specializations in the world. ENT medical treatment is particularly important in children, as common pediatric ENT problems such as hearing difficulties can greatly impact on a child’s ability to… Read More

Child pulling a funny face

Interview with a Pediatrician on Child Immunisation

As child vaccination programmes differ from one country to another, expat parents should be extra vigilant about their children’s vaccine updates and immunisation records. Pediatrician Simon Wong kindly accepted to give us the lowdown on both public and private child immunisation options in Hong Kong.   Are any vaccines legally required in Hong Kong? Vaccinations are not compulsory in Hong Kong.… Read More

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