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Learn more about baby health. Your healthcare options in Hong Kong and what to expect.
  • Baby Eczema in Hong Kong | Causes, Treatments and Prevention

    Mother holding her baby

    Atopic eczema is one of the most common childhood ailments, occurring in 10-20% of babies. This non-contagious rash usually improves when children reach school age and occurs because the skin is lacking natural moisturizing factors and has poor defense against ...

  • Breastfeeding Guide: How Much & How Often at Every Age | From Birth to Toddlerhood

    Baby with hand in mouth

    Whether you aim to feed for a few days or for several months, you are probably asking yourself how much and how often you should feed your child. We at Healthy Matters cover every breastfeeding stage from newborns to toddlers.     Breastfeeding ...

  • Natural Medicines for Baby | Chiropractic, Naturopathy & Osteopathy

    Sleeping baby

    Did you know that babies can benefit from complementary medicines for problems related to breastfeeding, colic, cradle cap, digestion, eczema, reflux, and sleeping? We asked three experts to explain how chiropractic, osteopathy and naturopathy can help your child in its ...

  • How Much Should Your Child Move, Sleep and Sit During the Day?

    Asian girl with coloured glasses on with her mouth open

    A 2017 study conducted by the University of Hong Kong revealed that the rate of screen use in Hong Kong kids is “alarming”, particularly in preschool age children. They spend more time in front of screens, less time being physically ...

  • Best Breastfeeding Resources in Hong Kong

    Lady breastfeeding on the beach

    Whether your goal is to breastfeed for just a few weeks or more than a year, arming yourself with knowledge and preparation is key to your success. Here are some the most helpful resources for expectant parents and breastfeeding mothers ...

  • Baby First-Aid Kit | Pediatrician Approved Checklist

    First aid kit with supplies laid out

    The majority of illnesses and accidents in children happen between the ages of one and four. Bumps, bruises, aches, pains and fevers are all likely to happen in your baby’s first years. Pediatrician Dr. Oliver Tang 鄧秀碩醫生, has given us a ...

  • Your Guide To Your Newborn’s First Doctor Visit

    Mother and her newborn baby

    While doctor schedules may vary slightly, it is recommended that newborns be checked 3 to 5 days after birth. In Hong Kong parents can either choose public or private healthcare services. In the public sector, your baby’s first medical consultation ...

  • ENT Interview with Dr. David Ho

    Asian boy holding his ear

    Otorhinolaryngology. Hard to spell indeed but you probably know what this is about. Otorhinolaryngology (the study of ENT: Ears, Nose and Throat) is one of the most in-demand medical specializations in the world. ENT medical treatment is particularly important in children, as common ...

  • Having Twins (or more!) in Hong Kong

    Newborn twins wrapped in a green blanket

    Finally, a positive pregnancy test.. soon after, your doctor confirms it with a blood test. But during your first ultrasound, there are two heartbeats (no, it is not yours and the baby’s)! Finding out you are pregnant is amazing news. Finding out ...

  • Interview with a Pediatrician on Child Immunisation

    Child pulling a funny face

    As child vaccination programmes differ from one country to another, expat parents should be extra vigilant about their children’s vaccine updates and immunisation records.   Pediatrician Simon Wong kindly accepted to give us the lowdown on both public and private child immunisation options in Hong Kong.   Are any vaccines ...


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