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Learn more about baby health. Your healthcare options in Hong Kong and what to expect.
  • Kids’ Travel First Aid Kit | What Every Parent Should Pack

    Kids’ Travel First Aid Kit | What Every Parent Should Pack

    Travelling with kids is stressful enough. And while we want to encourage their adventurous side, sometimes that comes with a few injuries along the way. Especially when we’re on the road (or plane, train or automobile), we want to make ...

  • Devilish Ducks | Can Your Kids’ Bath Toys Make Them Sick?

    Toddler taking bath and playing with rubber duck

    Most of us will use a variety of bribery to get our kids clean. The most common? Those cute little squeeze toys. Ducks, Hong Kong taxis, crocodiles – you can fill them up with water and squirt each other, all the ...

  • A Naturopath’s Guide to Probiotics For Babies

    Mother holding baby in her arms

    As parents, we’re constantly aiming for the best for our children. The best and most stimulating toys, the best quality food, and the best schools. Historically, apart from acute cases of diarrhea or stomach flu, gut health has not been ...

  • A Pediatrician’s Guide to Common Kids Infectious Diseases

    Toddler taking her own temperature

     As a parent, it’s always hard to see your little one sick. It’s inevitable that they will pick up their fair share of coughs, colds and rashes in their early years. We spoke to Dr. Eddie Cheung 張蔚賢醫生 about the ...

  • Expert Tips for Parents: Food Allergies and Introducing Solid Foods

    Mother feeding solids to her child

    About 50% of newborn babies in Hong Kong are at risk of suffering from allergies and 5% of children in the city have a food allergy. Childhood allergies are increasing worldwide and almost every parent of a young child will ...

  • Baby Teething | Effective Pain Remedies

    Baby teething holding a ring teether

    Is your baby teething? All parents dread it. The moment that angelic little smile shows signs of swelling, you know you’re in trouble. Each baby is different, some begin teething as early as three months, some begin as late as ...

  • Hong Kong Island Welcomes Its First Private NICU

    Exciting news for parents-to-be in the near and far future: Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong has opened the doors to its Obstetrics Ward!   Gleneagles Hospital pioneered with the first private A&E on Hong Kong Island in January 2018 and, as part of ...

  • Recognizing Developmental Delays in Babies and When to Seek Help

    Pluche bunny in toy crib on wheels

    Since the first day of conception, human beings’ brains develop rapidly. In the first 1000 days of life, the infant’s brain forms approximately 700 new synaptic connections each second or upon each interaction with others. These synaptic connections develop and ...

  • Here is What Your Baby’s Nutrition Should Be Like for the First 12 Months | Pediatrician Approved

    Baby smiling in high chair

    Every parent worries about the hows, whens, and whys of baby nutrition. There is a lot of noise and contradictory information on infant feeding and we at Healthy Matters sourced trustworthy recommendations. We asked pediatrician Dr. Eddie Cheung 張蔚賢醫生 to share ...

  • Natural Medicines for Baby | Chiropractic, Naturopathy & Osteopathy

    Sleeping baby

    Did you know that babies can benefit from complementary medicines for problems related to breastfeeding, colic, cradle cap, digestion, eczema, reflux, and sleeping? We asked three experts to explain how chiropractic, osteopathy and naturopathy can help your child in its ...


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