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Recognizing Developmental Delays in Babies and When to Seek Help

Since the first day of conception, human beings’ brains develop rapidly. In the first 1000 days of life, the infant’s brain forms approximately 700 new synaptic connections each second or upon each interaction with others. These synaptic connections develop and associate with senses such as vision, hearing and later establish more complex circuitry which supports… Read More

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Why Do Hong Kong Women Stop Breastfeeding Early?

Mothers in Hong Kong are breastfeeding more than ever. In 2016, nearly 87% of mothers initiated breastfeeding, up from 19% in 1981. Despite these successes, we still see a big drop in the number of women exclusively breastfeeding up to the recommended 6-month mark by the World Health Organization. We at Healthy Matters reviewed the… Read More

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Exclusive Tips to Successful Breastfeeding in Hong Kong | Interview with Top Expert

Rates of breastfeeding initiation have been on the rise in Hong Kong – more than 85% of women are now initiating breastfeeding. That being said, according to a 2017 Department of Health survey, at the six-month mark, 47% of Hong Kong mothers are breastfeeding but only 27.9% nursing exclusively.     Why the drop in… Read More

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Here is What Your Baby’s Nutrition Should Be Like for the First 12 Months | Pediatrician Approved

Every parent worries about the hows, whens, and whys of baby nutrition. There is a lot of noise and contradictory information on infant feeding and we at Healthy Matters sourced trustworthy recommendations. We asked pediatrician Dr. Eddie Cheung to share some easy-to-use feeding guidelines to your baby’s first 12 months.   Making the right feeding… Read More

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Baby Eczema in Hong Kong | Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Atopic eczema is one of the most common childhood ailments, occurring in 10-20% of babies. This non-contagious rash usually improves when children reach school age and occurs because the skin is lacking natural moisturizing factors and has poor defense against harsh environmental elements such as outdoor low humidity and irritants. We interviewed pediatrician Dr. Angela… Read More

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Breastfeeding Guide: How Much & How Often at Every Age | From Birth to Toddlerhood

Whether you aim to feed for a few days or for several months, you are probably asking yourself how much and how often you should feed your child. We at Healthy Matters cover every breastfeeding stage from newborns to toddlers.     Breastfeeding guidelines: from birth to 1 month How often? In the early days,… Read More

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Complementary Medicines for Baby | Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Naturopathy

Did you know that babies can benefit from complementary medicines for problems related to breastfeeding, colic, cradle cap, digestion, eczema, reflux, and sleeping? We asked three experts to explain how chiropractic, osteopathy and naturopathy can help your child in its first year of life.     Chiropractic care for babies Interview with Dr. Kamilla Holst,… Read More

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How Much Should Your Child Move, Sleep and Sit During the Day?

A 2017 study conducted by the University of Hong Kong revealed that the rate of screen use in Hong Kong kids is “alarming”, particularly in preschool age children. They spend more time in front of screens, less time being physically active, and go to bed later than their counterparts around the world. Overuse of digital… Read More

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Best Breastfeeding Resources in Hong Kong

Whether your goal is to breastfeed for just a few weeks or more than a year, arming yourself with knowledge and preparation is key to your success. Here are some the most helpful resources for expectant parents and breastfeeding mothers in Hong Kong.     Breastfeeding preparation before baby arrives One of the main reasons… Read More

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