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Your Practical Guide to Urologists in Hong Kong

It can be embarrassing or distressing to talk about itchiness down there, smelly discharge, blood in urine or painful urination. However, make sure to visit a urologist in a timely manner in case something bad comes your way. Here is a practical guide to urologists in Hong Kong, with all the resources and details you […]

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Your Guide to STD Testing in Hong Kong (Updated)

Looking for STD testing in Hong Kong? Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are not something most people openly discuss or like to think about, but let’s talk about it! Because STD symptoms can go unnoticed, it is essential to get STD testing if you had unprotected sex and you think you may have contracted an STD. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Optometrists in Hong Kong

Looking for an optometrist in Hong Kong? Healthy Matters brings you an expert, practical guide with all the details you need. Methodology: This guide does not aim to be exhaustive. It is informative only and based on our independent research. No practitioner or clinic paid any fees or rendered any services in exchange of inclusion […]

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The Expert Guide to Oncologists in Hong Kong

Cancer is the number one cause of death in Hong Kong, and there is a growing need for specialised doctors (oncologists). Healthy Matters brings you a practical and expert guide to finding oncologists in Hong Kong, including costs and insurance cover. Methodology: This guide does not aim to be exhaustive. It is informative only and […]

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