The Complete Guide to Eczema in Hong Kong

Eczema is a common chronic skin condition. In Hong Kong, roughly one in five people suffers from eczema at different periods of their life. It is the most common paediatric skin disease, affecting 30% of children in Hong Kong and 15-20% worldwide.  What is Eczema? Eczema is a dermatologic condition bringing inflammation, itchiness, redness and […]

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Prostate Cancer in Hong Kong: Symptoms, Screening and Treatment

In Hong Kong, prostate cancer has seen the largest increase in cancer diagnosis for men in the past 20 years. According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, prostate cancer is the third most common male cancer after colorectal cancer and lung cancer, affecting nearly 2000 men each year. Prostate cancer is the no. 4 cause […]

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The Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in Hong Kong

If you are thinking about liposuction, breast augmentation or a nose job in Hong Kong, being well informed is the first step, and it is essential. Here is everything you need to know about plastic surgery in Hong Kong: risks and safety, common procedures, practitioners, costs and insurance cover.  Methodology: This guide does not aim […]

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