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Stay up to date with trending health topics in Hong Kong. Our HK Health section covers a range of topics that are relevant from innovative health-tech products to current health issues such as a where and when to get your flu shot in Hong Kong.

The Regulation of Doctors and Health Professionals in Hong Kong: Are You in Safe Hands?

Did you know that in Hong Kong there are 12 health professions that are subject to regulation and registration< We at Healthy Matters think patient safety is an imperative and our mission is to deliver you trusted health information so you can make better informed decisions. When seeking out medical services, you may feel a bit […]

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Hong Kong Carrie Lam’s Health Initiatives For 2019

The Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address touches on many healthcare aspects affecting the community of Hong Kong with Carrie Lam stating that healthcare services are livelihood issues of greatest public concern just after housing”. Below is a complete summary of the various health initiatives covered in the recent 2018 Policy Address to the legislative council. […]

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China’s Vaccination Scandal: What it Means for Vaccines in Hong Kong

The 2018 vaccine scandal in China caused a social media storm and anxiety amongst parents. In Hong Kong, a surge in demand for vaccines occured. What has been this vaccination scandal in China? It was revealed that a company called Changsheng Bio-technology falsified data for rabies and produced ineffective batches of DPT shots (to prevent […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is why you’ve probably seen lots of the color pink lately. This is the time of the year when many breast cancer organizations host fund raisers and/or activities to raise awareness. In Hong Kong, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. According to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer […]

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Why you should never use cotton buds to clean your ears | It’s dangerous

Is there anything more satisfying than cleaning your ears out with a cotton bud? Okay, we can think of a few things, but it’s up there. Doctors say that cleaning your ears with a cotton bud (or Q-tip) initiates the ‘itch-scratch cycle’ –  the more you itch, the more histamines are released and the more […]

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Interview with Expert Dr. David Owens on Sports Injuries

Sunday morning hikes leave you sore and limping into work on Monday morning? You are not alone. Sports injuries have become a leading cause of doctor visits especially among weekend warriors. We spoke to sports physician Dr. David Owens about preventing and treating common sports injuries. What are the most common sports injuries? All sports injuries can be divided into […]

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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Doctor in Hong Kong | Expert Advice

There’s a lot of confusion about the safety and issues surrounding cosmetic plastic surgery and medical beauty procedures in Hong Kong. To follow up on our article on cosmetic plastic surgery and medical beauty procedures, we asked the Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Queen Mary Hospital, Dr. Jimmy Yu-Wai Chan 陳汝威生 to […]

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Should You Get a Body Check? ‘Change of Seasons’ in Your Life Is a Good Rule-of-Thumb

In a public health system, decisions on when to be screened for various diseases are made on a cost-effective, population-level. However, the public health system in Hong Kong offers a limited number of screening programs so it’s up to individuals to decide when, what to have tested and even whether they should get a body […]

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Most Common Household Skin Irritants to Avoid & What You Can Try Instead

Do you or your family have unexplained allergies or persistent rashes? Or perhaps you have a new baby coming along and want to clear your house of any products or items that may cause a reaction to your little one. Our cupboards, drawers and cabinets are full of chemicals that may cause skin irritation. The […]

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Does Beauty Sleep Exist? Yes, And Research Proves it!

We’ve had promises that expensive caviar, sheet masks and professional facials will make us into the most beautiful versions of ourselves. But what if the most effective beauty remedy was actually free? Sleep! We checked in with the latest research to share some of the beauty benefits of pillow time. Sleep and attractiveness A study […]

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