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Afraid of Needles? Try the Only Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine in Hong Kong

FluMist Quadrivalent is the only type of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIC) available on the market in Hong Kong. It was once available from 2009 to 2013 but was discontinued after 2013. It was registered again in Hong Kong in April 2018. Due to the heavy burden of influenza and the high demand for flu […]

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Postpartum Depression (PPD) & Postnatal Mental Health in Hong Kong: Where to Go

Overcoming the challenges of new motherhood is not easy. Mental health challenges are common in the first few weeks and months of the postpartum period. In Hong Kong, 40% to 80% of women will experience the ‘baby blues’ and 10% will experience postpartum depression (PPD). This is a guide to public and private providers of […]

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Your Expert Guide to Allergy Specialists in Hong Kong

Did you know Hong Kong does not have enough allergy specialists? According to the Hong Kong Medical Journal, the city is sorely underserved by allergists. Indeed, most people with allergies are managed by their general practitioner or an organ-specific doctor such as an ENT specialist. While their care is adequate, it will be viewed through […]

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The Regulation of Doctors and Health Professionals in Hong Kong: Are You in Safe Hands?

Did you know that in Hong Kong there are 12 health professions that are subject to regulation and registration< We at Healthy Matters think patient safety is an imperative and our mission is to deliver you trusted health information so you can make better informed decisions. When seeking out medical services, you may feel a bit […]

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Hong Kong Carrie Lam’s Health Initiatives For 2019

The Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address touches on many healthcare aspects affecting the community of Hong Kong with Carrie Lam stating that healthcare services are livelihood issues of greatest public concern just after housing”. Below is a complete summary of the various health initiatives covered in the recent 2018 Policy Address to the legislative council. […]

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Interview with Expert Dr. David Owens on Sports Injuries

Sunday morning hikes leave you sore and limping into work on Monday morning? You are not alone. Sports injuries have become a leading cause of doctor visits especially among weekend warriors. We spoke to sports physician Dr. David Owens about preventing and treating common sports injuries. What are the most common sports injuries? All sports injuries can be divided into […]

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It’s a First on Hong Kong Island! Private Hospital Opens 24-Hour Emergency Services

On December 15, 2017, the Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital announced the opening of its round-the-clock emergency services. This makes the Gleneagles the only private hospital on HK Island to provide emergency care with a team of Emergency Medicine specialists. The only other private hospital providing such services is Union Hospital in Shatin which opened its […]

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