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The Complete Guide to Flu Vaccines in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the flu is most common from January to March and from July to August. It is recommended by the Department of Health that flu vaccines should be received every year in autumn. Getting a flu vaccine early on can be beneficial as the body needs at least two weeks to produce the […]

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How to Prepare For Flu Season in Hong Kong

It is finally cooler in Hong Kong and it is the time of the year to get your flu shot. Getting the flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the flu in Hong Kong, reducing doctor visits, school sick days, work sick days and preventing hospitalizations. People who are most vulnerable […]

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8 Things To Know About Healthcare in Hong Kong

The healthcare system in Hong Kong is unique in that it has high-quality private and public healthcare tracks. Together these serve roughly 7.4 million people. Here are 8 things to know about the healthcare system in Hong Kong. 1. The Hong Kong healthcare system has excellent reputation. It is known for its quality and efficiency, […]

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Need a Doctor during a Typhoon? Your Practical Guide

Life doesn’t stop when a typhoon hits. What if you have a scheduled surgery or facing a medical emergency? We bring you clarity on medical care in a typhoon or black rain signal. PRIVATE HEALTH SECTOR MEDICAL SERVICES Rule of thumb: Most clinics close during a T8 or black rainstorm warning. The range of services […]

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Lung Cancer in Hong Kong: From Causes to Treatment

Lung cancer has been the leading cause of cancer deaths in Hong Kong since the HK Cancer Registry opened in 1983. Its high mortality rate is largely due to the fact that most patients do not have visible symptoms at an early stage of the disease. Lung cancer is the second and third most common […]

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The Complete Guide to ENT Doctors in Hong Kong

Ears, nose and throat (ENT) doctors (aka otorhinolaryngologists) are responsible for some basic yet essential functions in our body. If you or your child have been advised to see an ENT doctor, Healthy Matters has researched and produced the expert resource with all the details you need. Methodology: This guide does not aim to be […]

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The Complete Guide to Plastic Surgery in Hong Kong

If you are thinking about liposuction, breast augmentation or a nose job in Hong Kong, being well informed is the first step, and it is essential. Here is everything you need to know about plastic surgery in Hong Kong: risks and safety, common procedures, practitioners, costs and insurance cover.  Methodology: This guide does not aim […]

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