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Your Practical Guide to Dermatologists in Hong Kong

Looking for a dermatologist in Hong Kong? Skin problems are very common in Hong Kong due amongst others to the high level of pollution, stress levels and humid weather. In addition to physical discomfort, skin issues can have a big impact on your well-being and self confidence. Healthy Matters brings you a comprehensive guide to […]

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Breast Cancer Symptoms and Screening Options in Hong Kong

Every October we proudly support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But throughout the year, breast cancer in Hong Kong remains the number one cancer affecting women and the number three most frequent cancer affecting both men and women, alongside colon cancer (one), lung cancer (two), prostate cancer (four), and liver cancer (five). Furthermore, in comparison to […]

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Eye Tests for Children | Where to Go in Hong Kong

Vision is a crucial part of learning and developing as children grow and explore their world. A child’s visual system grows and develops from being able to see in fuzzy black and white as a newborn to fully mature at the age of eight. So, at what age should children first visit an eye expert […]

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Mental Health in Hong Kong: Seeing a Psychologist

We all experience stress at work, relationship difficulties or personal setbacks at some point. These may lead to a range of issues such as anxiety or depression. Reaching out for help and taking control of our mental health is a courageous step, and finding the right therapist is essential. Here is an overview of clinical […]

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