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Coronavirus and Pregnancy: What You Should Know

What are coronavirus risks for your pregnancy? All your questions answered by expert Dr. Zara Chan, OBGYN in Hong Kong.

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What Your Tongue Says About Your Health | Western vs. Chinese Medicine

Did you know that your tongue is one of the strongest muscles in your body and that it can tell a lot about your health? According to both Western and Chinese medicines your tongue can indicate deficiencies and diseases. Here is a brief guide to what your tongue can tell you about your health. What Western Medicine […]

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8 Things To Know About Healthcare in Hong Kong

The healthcare system in Hong Kong is unique in that it has high-quality private and public healthcare tracks. Together these serve roughly 7.4 million people. Here are 8 things to know about the healthcare system in Hong Kong. 1. The Hong Kong healthcare system has excellent reputation. It is known for its quality and efficiency, […]

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