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The Power Of Using ‘I’ Messages With Your Child

Wondering how to appropriately react when your child upsets you or does something unacceptable? Parenting expert Marie Marchand spoke to us about the powerful tool of using ‘I’ messages. What are ‘I’ messages exactly? ‘I’ messages defuse conflict by avoiding accusatory or escalatory language. In a parent-child interaction, an ‘I’ message is a style of […]

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Recognizing Developmental Delays in Babies and When to Seek Help

Since the first day of conception, human beings’ brains develop rapidly. In the first 1000 days of life, the infant’s brain forms approximately 700 new synaptic connections each second or upon each interaction with others. These synaptic connections develop and associate with senses such as vision, hearing and later establish more complex circuitry which supports […]

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Your Child Won’t Listen? Parenting Expert Shares Tips to Turn Things Around

“Stop!”, “Don’t go there!”, “Don’t touch this!”, “Don’t do that!”, “No! No! No!” – If this sounds familiar and your child isn’t cooperating, you are not alone. We asked parenting expert Marie Marchand to share some simple tools to get your child to listen and one of them is positive language. Too much negative language […]

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How Much Should Your Child Move, Sleep and Sit During the Day?

A 2017 study conducted by the University of Hong Kong revealed that the rate of screen use in Hong Kong kids is “alarming”, particularly in preschool age children. They spend more time in front of screens, less time being physically active, and go to bed later than their counterparts around the world. Overuse of digital […]

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Interview with Christine Ma-Lau on Teaching Character

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King Jr. 1. What is character training and how do you teach character to children? Character training or education is the systematic framework and method of helping people understand and develop character strengths, such as courage, gratitude, respect and responsibility. Ways to […]

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