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Big News! After Shortage, The HPV Gardasil 9 Vaccine is Back in Hong Kong

After a period of shortage, the HPV Gardasil 9 vaccine is now available in Hong Kong. This shortage was following Merck’s announcement of a temporary shut down in the production due to a cyber attack. For Hong Kong, this forced patients to wait until just now (if not longer) to have access to the vaccine.… Read More

5 Tips to Reduce your Healthcare Costs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s private healthcare sector is one of the most expensive in the world and there are no limits to what healthcare providers can charge. Moreover, expatriates are often referred towards the most expensive options. Here are 5 tips to help reduce your healthcare costs in Hong Kong; tips which can be very useful if… Read More

From Birth Control to Cancer Protection | IUDs in Hong Kong

What if women could use a birth control device that would also protect them from cancer? That would be “hugely impactful” says obstetrician gynecologist Dr. Patrick Chan 陳世樂醫生. According to a recent study published in the American journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, IUDs may protect against cervical cancer. As explained by Dr. Chan, today there are… Read More

Your Guide to Birth Plans in Hong Kong

Ever heard of birth plans? Birth plans have become increasingly popular in Hong Kong for women delivering in both private and public hospitals. While it isn’t necessary to have a birth plan, it helps to know what it typically covers. Indeed, the thinking process that goes into creating a birth plan can help you better… Read More

Your Expert Guide to Postpartum In Hong Kong – Part 1

If you just had a baby, let us congratulate yourself on growing a human being inside your body for forty weeks! It’s an incredible feat, and absolutely normal to see changes from head to toe. In the short term (6 weeks post-partum), there are many temporary aches and pains to deal with as your body… Read More

STD Screening | Where to Go in Hong Kong

Looking for STD testing in Hong Kong? Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are not something most people openly discuss or like to think about, but let’s talk about it! Because STD symptoms can go unnoticed, it is essential to get STD testing if you had unprotected sex and you think that you may be at risk… Read More

Your Expert Guide to Postpartum In Hong Kong – Part 2

Postpartum health often goes like this: “it takes nine months to make changes and nine months to reverse them.” We’ve all heard it before. After the initial six weeks’ postpartum healing period, you’re left with a body that is familiar but not quite the way it was before. We’re here to tell you that some… Read More

Interview with a Pediatrician on Child Immunisation in Hong Kong

As child vaccination programmes differ from one country to another, expat parents should be extra vigilant about their children’s vaccine updates and immunisation records. Pediatrician Simon Wong 黄智安 kindly accepted to give us the lowdown on both public and private child immunisation options in Hong Kong. Are any vaccines legally required in Hong Kong? Vaccinations are not… Read More

Interview with Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) Dr. David Ho

Otorhinolaryngology. Hard to spell but you probably know what this is about. Otorhinolaryngology (the study of ENT: Ears, Nose and Throat) is one of the most in-demand medical specializations in the world. ENT medical treatment is particularly important in children, as common pediatric ENT problems such as hearing difficulties can greatly impact on a child’s… Read More

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