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世上有沒有一項習慣比用綿花棒清潔耳朵更舒適?當然我們可以再聯想到幾樣,但綿花棒挖耳絕對是其中之一。然而醫生指用綿花棒清潔耳朵會引起一種「癢抓循環」,人越感到痕癢,身體會釋放組織胺,讓人忍耐不禁要抓癢,倒頭來卻使人更覺痕癢,因此香港耳鼻喉科醫生何大偉醫生提醒大家應盡快戒除用綿花棒清潔耳朵的習慣… Read More

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Healthtech O2O Summit | Learn About Cutting Edge Technology That Can Improve Your Health

The intersection of health and technology has just begun and it will dramatically change the way we consume healthcare and monitor our health. If you are interested in health technologies, you should definitely register to the February 1st Healthtech O2O Summit. This event, hosted by Nexchange as part of the startmeup.hk Festival, is a unique platform in Hong Kong that connects those transforming… Read More

8 Top Health Trends of 2018

Top 8 Health Trends in Hong Kong for 2018 | Exclusive Market Intel

Healthy Matters announces its predictions for health in Hong Kong. Our editorial team has covered some exciting health trends for 2018 including massive doctor relocation, poop health, fat graft beauty surgery, fatherhood, self-care for woman, and much more!   1 – Expect massive doctor relocation – Takshing House is closing ​​ Is your doctor located in Takshing… Read More

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