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Your Obstetrician-Reviewed Guide to Pregnancy in Hong Kong

There’s a lot to think about when you get pregnant. In Hong Kong, we have a paradox of choice – we can choose from public, private and a mix of both health services when accessing pregnancy and birth care. Where do you start? With the expertise of Dr. Edmund Hon 韓慶璋醫生, an obstetrician in Hong… Read More

The Expert Guide to Orthodontic Care in Hong Kong

Looking for an orthodontist in Hong Kong? Here is your guide to Hong Kong orthodontic treatments. Dentistry is a broad medical field with a goal to improve oral health, but there are differences between dentists and orthodontists. The main point to remember is that orthodontists specialize in specific treatments like correcting misaligned teeth and jaws… Read More

The Complete 2019 Guide to Union Hospital 仁安醫院 in Hong Kong

Looking to visit a private hospital in Hong Kong for shorter wait lines and more personalised options? Here is your comprehensive guide to Union Hospital 仁安醫院 in Hong Kong. Overview of Union Hospital 仁安醫院 in Hong Kong Located in Sha Tin (New Territories), Union Hospital is an established private hospital which provides high quality medical… Read More

Pregnant and Your Baby Is in Breech Position? An Obstetrician Guide to the ECV

A breech pregnancy or birth is when a baby is positioned or born bottom first, the preferred position being head first. It is said that around 3-5% of pregnant women in the last trimester have a breech baby. We asked one of our Expert Advisory Board members Dr. Michael Rogers 羅傑士醫生 with expertise in the… Read More

How Can Chiropractic Help Babies?

Chiropractic in Hong Kong has become more popular. A growing number of regnant women discover its benefits, too. In fact, this isn’t just about pregnancy health and mums’ recovery, it’s also about how newborns experience childbirth. We sat down with Hong Kong chiropractor Dr. Kamilla Holst to talk about how chiropractic can help pregnant women… Read More

Pregnancy After 35: Risks and How to Prevent Them

Age remains one of the most important factors influencing women fertility. Research shows that fertility declines steeply after age 35. However, with modern technology and medical knowledge, the likelihood of getting pregnant after 35 is higher than before. The age at which you conceive or decide to conceive is a very personal decision. In Hong… Read More

Chinese Medicine for Women: Helping Through Perimenopause & Menopause

lInterested to know more about Traditional Chinese Medicine? Although, Hong Kong and Chinese women tend to report far lower rates of menopausal symptoms than their Western counterparts, typical symptoms for both peri-menopause and menopause include; irregular periods, hot flashes which may lead to sleep issues, mood changes, vaginal and bladder issues due to hormonal changes,… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Physios in Hong Kong

Whether you suffer from sports injuries, chronic pain, posture issues or post-operative pain, physiotherapy sessions are a great option to recover. If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Hong Kong, Healthy Matters brings you a comprehensive guide, with practical details. Methodology: This guide is informative only, doesn’t aim to be exhaustive and was based… Read More

Medical Emergency Services in Hong Kong | Where to Go and How to Get There

Unless you’re a medical professional, it’s not easy to determine what type of emergency you’re facing and where you should go to find help. This is the Healthy Matters’ guide to any medical emergency in Hong Kong. We’ve organized this article based on the level of medical emergency in Hong Kong you might be facing.… Read More

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