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Cute newborn legs and feet

Pregnant and Your Baby Is in Breech Position? Here is What You Should Know About the ECV

A breech pregnancy or birth is when a baby is positioned or born bottom first, the preferred position being head first. It is said that around 3-5% of pregnant women in the last trimester have a breech baby. We asked one of our Expert Advisory Board members Dr. Michael Rogers 羅傑士醫生 with expertise in the… Read More

Woman with the flu

The 2018/2019 Guide to Flu Vaccination in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the flu is most common from January to March and from July to August. It is recommended by the Department of Health that flu vaccinations should be received every year in autumn. Getting vaccinated early on can be beneficial as the body needs at least two weeks to produce the antibodies necessary… Read More

Female patient and health professional

Regulation & Registration of Healthcare Professionals in Hong Kong: How to Know if You are in Safe Hands

Did you know that in Hong Kong there are 12 health professions that are subject to regulation and registration? We at Healthy Matters think patient safety is an imperative and our mission is to deliver you trusted health information so you can make better informed decisions.   When seeking out medical services, you may feel a… Read More

Pregnant women doing yoga

A Closer Look into Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga with Expert Hersha Chellaram

Introducing Hersha Chellaram, inspiring speaker at our Healthy Matters Maternity + Baby event and Integral Yoga ambassador and teacher trainer. Hersha has an extensive background in yoga with roots stemming back to her childhood. Having been a certified Integral Yoga instructor for over 16 years, Hersha leads a long list of inspirational initiatives and training… Read More

Father holding baby

Tips for Couples & Grandparents on How to Prepare & Care for Baby

As part of our Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) series, Gordon Parenting provides Healthy Matters exclusive tips and advice on parenting.   If you’re a pregnant mom-to-be, you’re probably getting a lot of attention! From ‘extra caring’ family members to having complete strangers ask personal questions and touch your belly. But dads-to-be? You may feel far… Read More

Hong Kong Policy Address 2018

Health Initiatives You Need to Know About from Carrie Lam’s 2018 Policy Address

The Chief Executive’s 2018 Policy Address touches on many healthcare aspects affecting the community of Hong Kong with Carrie Lam stating that “healthcare services are livelihood issues of greatest public concern just after housing”. Below is a complete summary of the various health initiatives covered in the recent 2018 Policy Address to the legislative council.… Read More

Woman lying on a pilates barrel

Breast Cancer Symptoms and Screening Options in Hong Kong

This October we are very proud to be supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In Hong Kong, breast cancer is the number one cancer affecting women and the number three most frequent cancer affecting both men and women, alongside colon (one), lung (two), prostate (four), and liver cancer (five). Furthermore, in comparison to a decade ago… Read More

Pregnant mother playing with daughter by the sea

Here is How You Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Dr. Michelle Zhou McCulloch is an Australian Chiropractor currently practicing in Hong Kong. She is the Founder & Director of UP!health, a Central-based multidisciplinary health clinic. She is passionate about providing chiropractic care to pregnant women and new babies.   She started UP!health almost 4 years ago with the vision of creating a unique and… Read More

Image of books

Bring Me a Book ‘Baby Gift Sets’ & ‘Parenting Workshops’ | Exclusive Offer for Healthy Matters Readers

Introducing Bring Me a Book Hong Kong an award-winning non-profit organization and the charity partner for our latest 2018 Healthy Matters Maternity + Baby Event.   Founded in 2006, Bring Me a Book Hong Kong (BMABHK) provides books to children who need them most. As the leading advocate of family literacy, their vision is for… Read More

Birds flying in sky with freedom

Is Functional Medicine the Future of Health? We asked Dr. Tim Trodd

Functional medicine is becoming increasingly popular in modern medical practice. Many doctors in Western countries are changing the way they practice by focusing on the root cause of the disease instead of just treating the symptoms.   Functional medicine shifts the focus from symptoms to the underlying factors causing the disease including genetics, environment, and… Read More

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