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Your Guide to Dermatologists in Hong Kong

Looking for a dermatologist in Hong Kong? Skin problems are very common in Hong Kong due amongst others to the high level of pollution, stress levels and humid weather. In addition to physical discomfort, skin issues can have a big impact on your wellbeing and self confidence. Healthy Matters brings you a comprehensive guide to… Read More

Listen Up! Proposed Regulation for Psychologists May Limit Expats’ Choice of Practitioners in Hong Kong

Back in 2016, the Department of Health decided to define a framework for several unregulated professions*. Even if voluntary organisation-based registration exists, the government wanted to harmonize the practice of such disciplines. Clinical psychology is now being discussed and it raises some concerns, especially for practitioners trained overseas.   It is our mission at Healthy… Read More

Chiropractor Clinics in Hong Kong

Sitting at a desk all-day? Having back or neck pain? Seeing a chiropractor can help you for these but also for many different conditions. Here is the expert guide to chiropractic in Hong Kong!   What is Chiropractic? Chiropractic is a type of alternative medicine focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of the musculoskeletal system… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Allergies in Hong Kong

Allergies in Hong Kong

Allergic diseases are on the rise all over the world. These include rhinitis, food allergies, drug allergies and eczema. In collaboration with immunology and allergy specialist Dr. Adrian Wu 鄔揚源醫生, Healthy Matters brings you the ultimate guide to common allergies in Hong Kong.     What are allergies? Before we go into the allergy landscape… Read More

Pregnancy After 35: Risks and How to Prevent Them

Couple's hands on pregnant belly

Age remains one of the most important factors influencing women fertility. Research shows that fertility declines steeply after age 35. However, with modern technology and medical knowledge the likelihood of getting pregnant after 35 is higher than before. The age at which you conceive or decide to conceive is a very personal decision. In Hong… Read More

Top 9 Male Fertility Myths

Man with glasses drinking coffee

In Hong Kong, it is estimated that about one in six couples faces difficulty conceiving. As more couples have children later in life, particularly in their late 30s and 40s, many encounter fertility issues. While people think that most fertility problems are unique to women, around 40% of infertility cases are attributed to men. We… Read More

Influenza Vaccination During Pregnancy | Risks & Benefits

Pregnant mother reading with her daughter

In Hong Kong, pregnant women are one of the priority groups eligible to receive the influenza vaccination according to The Scientific Committee on Vaccine Preventable Diseases. The Government has introduced free/subsidized flu vaccines for pregnant women to promote vaccination but to also protect pregnant women from the influenza (“the flu”) and its complications. In Hong… Read More

Your Comprehensive Guide to Hong Kong’s 12 Private Hospitals

Hospital surgery and doctor image

If you choose a private hospital in Hong Kong as opposed to a public one, you will likely experience shorter wait times and more choice in terms of treatment and physicians. Furthermore, Hong Kong private hospitals focus on patient comfort and strive for quality of care, often boasting state-of-the-art technology. Lastly, many private hospitals in… Read More

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