8 Health Resolutions for 2018 | For a better, healthier you!

Last updated on August 26, 2021.

It’s that time of year again when we look toward the future with new resolutions to start on the right foot. Our editorial team has narrowed down 8 resolutions for a better, healthier you. We’ll start with the tough resolutions and quickly crescendo to the real fun!

Iced coffee with coffee beans

Resolution 1 – Drinking less caffeine and alcohol

Fun Factor: 1/8

After a few days of working your way off the stimulant – depressant cycle (the coffee-to-alcohol habit), you will start to feel bright-eyed. Caffeine triggers the stress hormone, cortisol, and can lead to increases in blood sugar, blood pressure and anxiety – while too much alcohol decreases the hours you spend sleeping deeply, makes you feel tired and consuming even more caffeine.

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Resolution 2 – Flossing for better dental health

Fun Factor: 2/8

Preserve that smile! Only 15% of the Hong Kong population practices regular flossing – compared to almost twice as much in Canada. Flossing regularly prevents plaque accumulation and gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Plus, poor gum health increases your chance of having a stroke or heart attack. So why wait? Make flossing a daily habit, whether it’s first thing in the morning, in the shower, or before bed.

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Resolution 3 – Scheduling an annual body check

Fun Factor: 3/8

From high cholesterol to cancer, almost every health issue you can think of is more manageable when caught early. Doing an annual physical exam is a great way to check in with your body. In Hong Kong preventive check-ups are only available in the private sector and costs and comprehensiveness vary greatly. If you are feeling spendy, you can have the spa-like treatment at one of the city’s top private hospitals.

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Resolution 4 – Putting the smartphone away

Fun Factor: 4/8

Having our smartphones on hand at all times causes us to sleep less and be less efficient. It makes us more sedentary, interferes with our social relationships and can negatively affect our mental health. As parents, it’s not a great example to our children. Plus, there’s the dangerous smartphone addict who’s walking on the tramline. Some phone-free time will help you engage with the world around you and interact better with your colleagues, friends and family uninterrupted.


Resolution 5 – Eating better, simpler foods

Fun factor: 5/8

We’re all about the no-diet diet. Eating shouldn’t be based on fads but common sense. Take the complication out of eating in 2018 by focusing on real foods. Avoid processed, dead foods as much as you can and prioritize unprocessed proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Think about eating food that was alive and your gut and your skin will thank you! Is there anything sexier than eating with pleasure?

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Resolution 6 – Sleeping more, beauties!

Fun Factor: 6/8

Forget New York, Hong Kong really is the city that never sleeps! Insufficient sleep is associated with a huge range of problems, including a reduced immune system, bigger waistlines, reduced male fertility, and a 200% increased risk of a heart attack. It’s not a luxury, our bodies need sleep to operate optimally. Ariana Huffington raised the siren call in 2014 – make 2018 the year you get on the sleep revolution and prioritise pillow time!

Family playing with child

Resolution 7 – Moving more, why not dance at home

Fun Factor: 7/8

Tried and tested. Alone, with your partner, with your kids, or with your parents. While you’re getting ready for school or work, put on some groovy tunes and get shaking. In the kitchen or the bathroom? Who cares! It’s great exercise and will put you in an awesome mood to start your day. If you are looking for some music ideas, we suggest the uplifting tunes from the recent movie musical The Greatest Showman.

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Resolution 8 – Diving deep into Healthy Matters

Fun Factor: 8/8

With a new year, we’ve got a new look. We’ve got articles coming in thick and fast in 2018 on everything you want to know about women and family health in Hong Kong. So, check out our revamped website and sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive reliable health information that’s relevant to you in Hong Kong. Join the Healthy Matters family!

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